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Happy Tuesday! Today I am sharing something completely different with all of you, and that is my current fitness routine. I started a new-to-me workout program a few months ago, and I’m about to complete the first round. I first heard about PiYo from a friend who is a Beachbody coach. I’ve always been a Beachbody skeptic, but I really wanted to start being active, and PiYo sounded great for me. Now that I’ve been into PiYo for a few months, I thought this would be the perfect time to share my thoughts on the program, and also share more about my fitness journey with all of you.

My Fitness History

I think it’s best to start off sharing my fitness history with all of you. Growing up I was a competitive dancer. I began dance at the age of three, turned competitive at age eight, and kept that up through high school. I studied jazz, tap, and ballet, with other styles such as lyrical and hip hop thrown in some years. While I was always a bit overweight, I was very strong, especially in my lower body. I took three to five classes each week, and part of our normal routines included a lot of stretch and strength. I was strong, flexible, and very active.

In high school I was also a member of the competitive marching band, all while I was dancing at the same time. It might not sound like a workout, but marching band is tough! I had to play the trumpet all while moving along the football field in a choreographed way. The end of a ten minute halftime show always resulted in a sweaty mess! I had marching band rehearsals three to five times per week as well. I was really busy as a teenager, but because I was participating in activities I loved, I never felt like I was exercising.

When I got to college, my fitness changed a lot. I took recreational dance classes about once or twice a week, and I got a lot of walking in around campus. Otherwise, I didn’t work out at all! Once I got to law school, all bets were off in terms of fitness. I never went to a single class, nor did I ever hit the gym. I focused 100% on my studies. Luckily, I was walking at least three miles per day around the city. It kept me in great shape. In fact, I was the healthiest I ever was – I lost a lot of weight, ate great foods, and didn’t put in any effort in at all.

Unfortunately, once bar study kicked in, I was stuck sitting at my desk 12-16 hours every day. I quickly began gaining weight, both from sitting still all day and from eating more while being in study mode. Once I moved back to the suburbs, my weight skyrocketed even more. I knew it was time to make a change. I was extremely uncomfortable in my own skin, especially after feeling great in law school. When I saw my friend and Beachbody coach post about PiYo, I decided to invest in the system and give it a try.

PiYo Review and Experience

Beachbody Piyo Review | My Current Fitness Routine

PiYo is a hybrid workout program that combines the muscle sculpting of pilates with the flexibility of yoga in high-energy routines. I’ve taken both pilates and yoga classes in the past, so I thought this would be the perfect program for me. My goals were to lose weight, improve my strength, and feel better overall. My coach told me PiYo was a beginner’s workout, so I had high hopes that it would be doable for me after not exercising properly in three years. PiYo comes with a 60-day calendar where you work out six days a week, and rest one day. Well, I was not ready for PiYo!

PiYo is no joke. The routines are very difficult for me, and I’m still modifying many of the exercises after weeks of working on them. I love how upbeat the instructor, Chalene Johnson, is, and I do like the moves and programs in theory. PiYo is a program for which you don’t need any added equipment. That was also a top selling point for me, as I didn’t want to go out and buy more weights or tools. I also like that I can follow the calendar every day to see what routine to put on next. The DVD pack that I purchased comes with seven different workouts that each target a different area. This made planning easy, because I could follow the schedule.

That being said, PiYo is proving to be a huge challenge for me, not just in terms of completing the actual workouts, but in finding time. For the first five weeks, I was on schedule and it felt great. Then I missed a few days, and had to adjust. I stayed true for about a week, then got off schedule again. I’ve nearly completed the first 60-day cycle as I type this blog post, but I’ve been off track for a few days. This is really easy to do when the PiYo workouts range from 25 minutes to nearly a full hour!

Moreover, I’m sure you are all interested in my PiYo results and overall review of the program. Unfortunately, I gained about 12 pounds since starting PiYo, and I also gained about one to two inches in all of my measurements. This is a huge disappointment for me. While I didn’t follow PiYo’s nutrition program, I did eat healthier by focusing more on fresh produce and less on junk food (I even went on a dessert ban for three weeks!). It doesn’t make sense why I gained more weight by adding in exercise, and it’s really frustrating. I know it’s not ‘muscle weight’ or ‘water weight,’ so that’s very disappointing. Nonetheless, I am finding that I am stronger overall, and that my flexibility is improving. I can do many of the moves better now, and I am slowly improving every time I exercise.

As for my specific thoughts on the PiYo program, I do want to mention that part of my struggles with the moves comes from being someone with a long torso. Chalene Johnson designed the moves according to her body type. She mentions several times that she has a short torso, and about a month in I realized that’s one of the reasons I have to change things up while doing PiYo. I have to take extra steps to get to Down Dog from a Plank, for example, and I am constantly adjusting while she flows through the movements. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, it is annoying. Definitely keep that in mind if you also have a long torso like I do.

Otherwise, I think PiYo is a fun workout, and I do plan on continuing on with the program. I do not consider it to be a beginner’s routine. Instead, I would recommend it for people like me who may have been active in the past and are looking to get back into it. If you’re a dancer, or if you like classes that are upbeat, PiYo is a great option. Of course, keep in mind that I am not a doctor or fitness guru, and this is just my personal opinion. Always speak with your doctor before beginning a new workout regimen.

If you would like to begin PiYo you can purchase the DVDs directly from Amazon HERE. I look forward to continuing on with my fitness journey, and increasing the difficulty as I improve. I will also be sharing more about the food I eat on a regular basis very soon.

What is your fitness routine? Please share in the comments!

I purchased PiYo with my own money. I included an Amazon Affiliate link. All opinions are my own. See my Disclosure Policy for more information.


  1. Taneja's Bride says:

    I have heard about Piyo, and I immediately knew it wasn’t for me ONLY because I enjoy running on the elliptical. I really appreciate the honesty in your post and wish you the best in your fitness!

  2. Danielle says:

    You know, I’ve done a few fitness programs and speaking from experience, Christina’s results aren’t uncommon with certain fitness regimens. I followed a boot camp fitness program to a T for 10 weeks, nutrition to workouts. By the end, I had gained six pounds and two inches.

    For women especially, the human body responds to different workouts and diets differently. What works well for one, may not work for the other, merely because of body chemistry and other factors.

    Some people can eat all the fruit they want and enjoy a positive response, others (like myself) will gain weight because of the sugar, for example.

    I very much think it’s unfair to criticize and attack Christina for providing an honest review. This system didn’t work for her, even if it worked for others. It’s okay to say it won’t work for everyone. I’d rather her review be fair and honest as such, so that I’m properly advised, rather than her pander to a company and be misled.

    This is why her reputation as a blogger is high.

    Thank you for providing a fair and honest review.

    And I personally suggest maybe trying a 30 day challenge next. Easier to fit into your schedule and easily modified if need be. Would love to see you try that. I know my body, which seems to be similar thus far to yours, responded well. And even better, they’re free 🙂

  3. thejediwife says:

    This actually sounds like a workout I would enjoy! My workouts right now mostly consist of dance parties with my toddler, and while it is fun, I would benefit with more structure. It is frustrating when workouts seem to start with some gains, but I love when I just feel better overall. <3

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