Upcoming Adventures | February Blog Chat

Happy Sunday! Welcome to a brand new feature here at Adventures in Polishland called Upcoming Adventures! I usually don’t post on Sundays, but lately I’ve wanted to connect with all of you more. Thus, Upcoming Adventures is here to keep us in touch with one another. At the end of every month, I will write letting you know what you can expect for the month ahead. Today I’ll be chatting about what February will bring, and how I came to begin this new series.

Upcoming Adventures | February Blog Chat

I first got the idea for a monthly blog chat in the middle of January. I was reading a lot, and writing a lot of book reviews because of that. While Adventures in Polishland is still primarily a beauty blog, I’ve been sharing more of my other hobbies with you as well on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and sometimes Saturdays. I like to try out different hobbies all the time, so my blog reflects what’s going on in my own personal life at that moment in time. That’s why you got so many book reviews in January – I’ve been such a bookworm lately! Because of my constantly evolving tastes, my blog is going to look a bit different each month. I hope you’ll always stick around no matter what I’m discussing!

Nonetheless, Upcoming Adventures gives you a preview to the month ahead. In February you can expect more book reviews for the books I read in January. My book reviews are always non-spoiler, so don’t hesitate to read them! You can find all of my past book reviews HERE if you’re looking for your next read.

I also received a shipment of nail art supplies from Born Pretty Store, and have begun testing them out this week. You can expect to see some new nail polish reviews and nail art coming your way, too. I promised I would post about nail polish more often this year and get back to this blog’s roots, so I’m excited to jump right in with Born Pretty Store!

That wraps up my first Upcoming Adventures post! I hope you enjoyed getting a sneak peek at what’s to come at Adventures in Polishland in February. As always, thank you so much for your support. It means so much to me that I can share my life with all of you! Just as a reminder, you can submit requests using THIS form, so if there is a product you want me to review or a post you want to see, that’s where you can let me know. Here’s to a Happy February!