How to Win an Instagram Challenge in 3 Easy Steps!

Happy Tuesday! Today I’m excited to let you all in on a few Instagram secrets. I love using Instagram, and I’ve attempted to complete a number of Instagram challenges over the past few years. Instagram challenges come in a few varieties, and today I’m going to focus on the monthly challenge. The monthly challenge is just what it sounds like – you have to post a picture every day for an entire month. I’ve tried book challenges, planner challenges, and I think even a beauty challenge at some point. It wasn’t until last month that I was finally successful. Let me share with you my three easy tips for winning an Instagram challenge!

How to Win an Instagram Challenge in 3 Easy Steps!

1. Find the Right Challenge for You

This is the most important tip that I have to share with you today! The reason I was so unsuccessful in past challenges is because I wasn’t finding the right challenge for me. I would post a few pictures, but then I wouldn’t have a photo for a certain day’s prompt. That would lead me to give up completely. Thus, what you should do is search for a challenge using a hashtag like #[month]bookchallenge, #[month]plannerchallenge, etc. Here are the results I got when I searched for #Februarybookchallenge:

How to Win an Instagram Challenge in 3 Easy Steps!As you can see, there are four different challenges that pop up just in this part of my search. Take the time to read through each challenge. If you can think of a photo you’d take for each day, that’s the challenge for you! The moral of the story is to make sure you pick a challenge that fits you the best.

2. Plan Ahead

This second step might be considered cheating, but I find it essential. I recommend planning ahead by taking your photos in advance. Every Monday I would take my photos for the coming week and edit them that same day. That way I could easily upload every day without having to worry about taking the photo. If the challenge in which you are participating requires a time sensitive photo, such as your latest book purchase or that day’s coloring page, set a reminder in your phone so you don’t forget!

3. Make it Routine

How to Win an Instagram Challenge in 3 Easy Steps!

Last but not least, make uploading your daily photo part of your routine. Pick a time every day to upload so you’ll remember to do so. For me it was first thing in the morning. I always browse my email and social media when I wake up, so I added my Instagram upload to that routine. Perhaps you want to upload on your lunch break or before you go to bed – it’s up to you and what fits your lifestyle! If you need a physical reminder, try planner stickers! Pictured above are stickers from Oh, Hello Stationery, Co. They are designed to track any habit, and uploading to Instagram can be one! Shop Oh, Hello HERE and use code POLISH15 to save 15% off your order!

That wraps up my three easy tips for winning an Instagram Challenge! I hope you found it helpful whether you are a challenge newbie or veteran. Instagram Challenges are great because you can easily find like-minded people through the challenge. I participated in the #BNRBookChallenge16 in January on my Bookstagram account HERE, and I got 45 new followers throughout the month! Plus, I was encouraged to practice my photography and think outside the box. I highly recommend trying an Instagram Challenge if you have not already!

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