Manicure March | NYC New York Color Crystal Couture in Queen’s Jewels

Happy Saturday! We’re getting a bit Christmassy here in Manicure March today, because I have a green glitter to review. When I first began my blog, I was all about the glitter nail polish. In fact, I wore glitter nail polish almost every day! I slowly began to wear glitter less and less in my everyday life, but I still like to have a good glitter selection in my stash, especially for the holidays. I decided to try out Queen’s Jewels from NYC New York Color’s Crystal Couture line again to see if I should hold onto it. Let me show you this glittery goodness!

NYC New York Color Crystal Couture in Queen's Jewels NYC New York Color Crystal Couture in Queen's JewelsQueen’s Jewels is a green glitter nail polish in a green jelly base. The formula is excellent, and it is opaque in two coats. I’m a huge fan of glitter polishes that can be worn alone. It just makes painting my nails a quicker and easier process! Queen’s Jewels is such a stunning polish, and while I won’t be putting it on often, I can’t get rid of it. I know this is perfect for Christmas, even if just as an accent nail. Plus, this is a limited edition polish that can no longer be purchased, so once I give it away it’s gone for good. I’m holding onto Queen’s Jewels for sure!

All in all, while I only plan on wearing Queen’s Jewels for specific occasions, this is definitely a polish I need to keep. I do find myself pressured to keep discontinued polishes, because I know I won’t be able to purchase them again if I regret destashing them. I would love to know in the comments if you hold onto discontinued polishes for that reason as well. I’m slowly becoming better at decluttering polishes I won’t wear, but it’s definitely a challenge!

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