Manicure March | Milani Color Statement Nail Lacquer in Ruby Stone

Happy Sunday! I have another Milani nail polish to review for all of you today. I really love Milani nail polishes, but not all of the colors I own are compatible with my skin tone. I very much appreciate receiving polishes for review, as I know it’s helpful for all of you to learn more about polishes before purchasing them. However, if the polishes aren’t ones I’m going to wear again, I should pass them onto another home. Let me share one such polish with all of you today!

Milani Color Statment Nail Lacquer in Ruby Stone Milani Color Statment Nail Lacquer in Ruby Stone

Ruby Stone is a red nail polish with a red shimmer. The formula is great, as it applies smoothly and is opaque in two coats. Ruby Stone is definitely a beautiful nail polish, and I could envision myself wearing this during the holidays for sure. I almost kept this polish, but then I thought about it more and decided to declutter it. I’m much more of a creme polish fan, so if I were to wear a red nail polish, it wouldn’t be a shimmer like Ruby Stone.

All in all, Ruby Stone is a perfect example of how it can be difficult to destash nail polishes. Some polishes have a great formula, but they just aren’t polishes I would wear. There is no reason for me to keep those! Definitely let me know in the comments if you own any polishes that are beautiful, but may not look the best with your skin tone. Do you hold onto them, or pass them onto friends and family? I’d love to know!

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