Manicure March | JulieG in Sugar Plum Fairy

Happy Wednesday! Today for Manicure March I’m reviewing another textured polish from the brand JulieG. For some reason I never swatched all of the JulieG polishes that I purchased, so I’m finally getting around to that now. As I’ve mentioned throughout Manicure March, I still really like textured nail polishes, but I want to make sure I’m only keeping the ones I love and will wear. Let’s see what Sugar Plum Fairy is like, and whether or not it will remain in my collection!

JulieG in Sugar Plum Fairy JulieG in Sugar Plum FairySugar Plum Fairy is an indigo textured polish with silver shimmer. The formula is excellent! It applies very smoothly and is opaque in two coats. Sugar Plum Fairy dries rather quickly and is quite stunning on the nails. I know I won’t wear such a bold polish very often, but I need to keep this amazing polish in my collection. It is discontinued, so I wouldn’t be able to purchase it again. Plus, it looks really good with my skin tone. I just love it!

All in all, I’m so glad I am finally putting my JulieG polishes to the test. I’m very impressed with the formula, and the shades available are gorgeous, too. I definitely need to try out more polishes from the JulieG line, as it is fabulous and affordable in price. Please let me know in the comments what polishes from JulieG you’ve tried and recommend. I’ll be perusing the line at my local Rite Aid next time I’m there!

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