Manicure March | LynBDesigns in Ducky

Happy Saturday! I have another indie nail polish to share with you today. Since beginning my nail polish declutter project, I’ve noticed that many indie brands have unfortunately shut down. LynBDesigns is a brand that is still going strong today! I reviewed some polishes for her back in my early days of blogging, and wanted to revisit one from The Land Before Time Collection. I was smitten with this collection because it was based off a nostalgic movie series for me. Plus, the polishes were super cute. That being said, I just don’t wear these polishes often. I wanted to see how Ducky looked on my nails once and for all!

LynBDesigns in Ducky LynBDesigns in DuckyDucky is a green polish with green and gold glitter. The formula is good, but a bit on the sheer side. I wore three coats on its own, but Ducky can easily be used for layering as well. My immediate thought when I finished my manicure was: “This is perfect for St. Patrick’s Day!” Then I realized that I have plenty of other green glitters that I would probably reach for over Ducky. As gorgeous as Ducky is, it’s just not what I wear regularly. Functionality trumps again, and Ducky is being destashed.

All in all, I think Ducky is a great polish, and I’m so glad to discover that LynBDesigns is still around today (shop HERE). I know that I can often get sucked into buying nail polishes when the collection is based off of something I love. For example, I own the entire Hunger Games collection from China Glaze, and The Big Bang Theory collection from Different Dimension. I need to remember to only buy nail polishes that I’m going to wear! Please let me know in the comments if you’ve ever purchased a polish because of the name or for some other reason besides the color itself.

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