March Empties | #365DaysofEmpties Update

Happy Monday! It’s now April, and that means it’s time to share the products I used up during the month of March. I thought I was going to have a lot of empties this month, but a lot of my products are still going strong even though there is just a bit left in the bottle! Let me know in the comments if you ever have that feeling, where your products are just about to finish but last for what feels like forever. Let’s go ahead and jump right into my March empties.

March Empties | #365DaysofEmpties Update


March Empties | Skincare

Olay Fresh Effects Everything Off Deluxe Makeup Removal Wet Cloths – 1 Pack [BUY]

  • Mini Review: I like these wipes because they take off all my makeup well, including mascara. They are a bit rougher on my skin than I would like, so I wouldn’t recommend these if you have sensitive skin. I much prefer the Swipe Out wipes from the Fresh Effects line.
  • Would I Buy it Again? If there was a good sale! I try all different wipes.

Elizabeth Arden Flawless Future Caplet Serum – 1 Sample [BUY]

  • Mini Review: I have mixed feelings on this serum! The caplets burst into a silver shimmer, leaving the face really glittery, which I really disliked. However, my skin loved this serum! My face was clear and even, and I didn’t experience a breakout during the entire time I used it. I also have a bunch of caplets left, but no serum.
  • Would I Buy it Again? No. I don’t like the glitter, and this is very expensive!

Cover FX Calming Primer – 1 Sample [BUY]

  • Mini Review: I used this serum whenever my skin was having a bad day. It is very gentle and good for sensitive skin. The texture is really nice, and my makeup applied well.
  • Would I Buy it Again? Yes! I might purchase it in the future.


March Empties | Nail Care

Sally Hansen Continuous Treatment Base & Top Coat – 1 Bottle

  • Mini Review: I grabbed this base and top coat during a clearance sale at CVS for a couple dollars. I used it primarily as a base coat, and it served its purpose well. It did have a very strong odor however. I’m glad to move onto a new base coat!
  • Would I Buy it Again? No. This product is discontinued.


March Empties | Hair Care

Neutrogena T/Sal Therapeutic Shampoo – 1 Bottle [BUY]

  • Mini Review: This shampoo is not a miracle worker, but it did help greatly to improve my flakes. I get an extremely dry scalp in the winter, and I needed something to help. I noticed that if I skipped using this my flakes came back in full force, so it did help a lot.
  • Would I Buy it Again? Yes, but I’m trying out a new shampoo next to see if it helps better.


March Empties | Hair Care

The Body Shop Pink Grapefruit Body Scrub Gelee – 1 Tub [BUY]

  • Mini Review: I love this scrub! I’ve never tried a gelee scrub before, and it was a unique feel. I think this pink grapefruit scrub is perfect for the warmer months. It smells fresh, exfoliates well, and has a great texture.
  • Would I Buy it Again? Yes! I already did.


March Empties | Oral Hygiene

Crest Complete Whitening + Scope – 1 Tube [BUY]

  • Mini Review: I liked this toothpaste just fine, but I don’t think there is anything special about it. I try to purchase toothpastes that are approved by the ADA (American Dental Association), and this one is not.
  • Would I Buy it Again? No.



I am a bit disappointed that I didn’t finish up a lot of products this month, but I am still on track to finish 100 products by the end of the year. I am now trying to focus on one product at a time so that I can use up what’s in my stash. For example, I am going to use only one to two mascaras at once to see if I can use one up before it expires. Definitely let me know in the comments what you used up in the month of March, and if you have any tips on using up products. I would love to know!

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