Zoya Petals Collection | Spring 2016

Happy Monday! I am always super excited when Zoya Nail Polish releases a new collection, and today I will be sharing with you the Petals Collection for spring 2016. The Petals Collection contains six floral-inspired shades, each containing a shimmer formula. I am so ready for bright colors and warm weather, and this collection is getting me really pumped! Let’s jump right into my swatches of the Petals Collection!

Zoya Petals Collection | Spring 2016

Zoya – LeiaZoya – LeiaFirst up is Leia, an opalescent white polish with flecks of fuchsia, green, and gold. Leia has an excellent formula, but this is a sheer polish. I’ve layered three coats on in the photos above, and you can see it is still not an opaque polish. Leia is not my usual cup of tea, but it is so beautiful, and I love the way it changes in the light. I’m going to experiment with this polish and layer it over other shades, so if you’d like to see more please let me know in the comments!

Zoya – Aster Zoya – AsterNext is Aster, a periwinkle polish with flecks of fuchsia, blue, and silver. Aster has an amazing formula that is opaque in two coats. I just love how dimensional this polish looks due to the strong shimmer effect. This shade is so beautiful for springtime, and I think it’s great to transition from the colder months especially.

Zoya – Azalea Zoya – AzaleaAzalea is the next polish, and my favorite in the Petals Collection! This is a bright pink shade with silver and fuchsia shimmer. Azalea also has a great formula that is opaque in two coats. This polish is just right up my alley! Pink is one of my favorite shades to wear, and this unique shimmery goodness makes it so much fun for the spring and summer. I think it would make a great pedicure polish as well!

Zoya – Zahara Zoya – Zahara

Next up is Zahara, a coral shade with silver and fuchsia shimmer. Zahara has a good formula, but I recommend three thin coats as it is a bit on the sheer side. This is a nail polish that I think will look good on everyone no matter the skin tone! I love a good coral polish in the warmer months, and Zahara is the perfect option.

Zoya – Tulip Zoya – TulipThe last two polishes in this collection still have shimmer formulas, but the shimmer effect is much lighter. Tulip is a peachy pink with a slight silver and fuchsia. I had a bit of trouble with the formula because it is quite watery. I recommend three very thin coats that you allow to dry completely before adding on another. The end result is just gorgeous! Tulip is a great everyday polish that can work professionally for sure.

Zoya – Laurel Zoya – LaurelLast but not least is Laurel, a bubblegum pink polish with a light shimmer of pink and silver. Laurel has a great formula that is opaque in two coats, and is super pretty. I like that this polish has just a hint of shimmer. In fact, it was difficult to capture it on camera even though I was photographing in natural light! Laurel is definitely one of my favorites in the collection.

All in all, I am absolutely loving the Zoya Nail Polish Petals Collection! As you all might know, I am typically not a big fan of shimmer nail polishes. However, I think Zoya has done a great job at creating some unique polishes in this collection. I will be wearing these a lot this spring and summer, and I think you should, too! You can purchase the Petals Collection directly from Zoya’s website HERE. Polishes retail for $10 each, but make sure to follow Zoya’s social media for sales and coupons! Please let me know in the comments if you’ll be picking up any of these polishes for your stash!

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  1. linda a. says:

    Yes Christina I’d like to see more of your Leia experiments. I like the idea of layering this polish over a more pigmented creme polish to see what color and effect you will get. I agree with you though about shimmer polishes in general. I don’t wear them either. I prefer creme formulas too. 🙂

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