3 Ways to Save BIG at The Body Shop!

Happy Wednesday! Today I’m going to share some of my tips to saving money at The Body Shop. I really love shopping at The Body Shop because it not only has great quality products, but it is a company focused on morality as well. The Body Shop never tests on animals, and it has a Community Trade program to ensure its ingredients are fairly sourced. The prices at The Body Shop, however, are definitely more than I would like to spend. Thus, I’ve come up with some shopping strategies to ensure I can enjoy my favorite products at a fraction of the price. I’m going to share my tricks with you today, along with my most recent purchase from The Body Shop to illustrate my points. Let’s jump into the big savings!

3 Ways to Save BIG at The Body Shop!

Tip 1: Shop with Ebates and Wait for Double Cash Back

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Ebates is a website that allows you to earn cash back on most of your online purchases. I’ve been a member for a few years now, and absolutely love it! The website is legitimate and safe, and even helps you find coupon codes. The Body Shop is typically 4% cash back, but every so often it is a promoted store at  8% cash back! I’ve even seen it go as high as 10% for special holiday sales. I wait to shop until The Body Shop is double cash back. I earned $4.54 back from my latest purchase at The Body Shop. That is so awesome! You can sign up to Ebates for free and earn a $10 gift card by using my referral link HERE.

Tip 2: Wait for a Big Sale

One of the best ways to save money is to become familiar with a store’s sales. Whenever I find a product that I love I will pay very close attention to sales. Over time a pattern will emerge, and I know when to shop to get the highest discount. At The Body Shop, my favorite sale is Buy 3, Get 3 Free. There are always sales at The Body Shop, and you can visit the website’s Offers page HERE to see the current promotions. I highly recommend waiting for the Buy 3, Get 3 Free sale, though. Here is what I purchased most recently!

The Body Shop Haul | Body ScrubsI love the body scrubs at The Body Shop, so I purchased the Cocoa Butter and Pink Grapefruit scrubs to stock up. These retail for $21 each regular price. I also wanted to get a body butter, because my skin has been very dry lately. I decided to try the Aloe Body Butter because it is fragrance free and I am sensitive to smells. This body butter is also $21.

The Body Shop Haul | Hair CareNext I picked up some new-to-me hair care items. First I grabbed the Ginger Scalp Care shampoo because I do tend to get flakes and I hope this will work well for me. This shampoo retails for $10.00. I also purchased the Rainforest Moisture Hair Butter, which is a deep conditioner. I want to ensure I’m getting a lot of moisture into my hair, and will be using this once per week. This retails for $14.

The Body Shop Haul | SkincareFinally, I got the Seaweed Pore-Cleansing Facial Exfoliator. I’m running low on my face scrub, so I wanted to have one on backup. I’m all about pore cleansing scrubs, so I’m very excited to try this! This scrub retails for $18.

For this particular purchase, I purchased the three $21.00 items, and got the other three free. You would think my total would be $63.00, but not so! My last tip explains how to save even more.

Tip 3: Sign Up for Love Your Body Rewards

Lastly, I recommend signing up for the Love Your Body Rewards program. This program costs $10.00 per year, but it pays for itself because you get a $10 coupon on your birthday. Plus, you save 10% off every purchase. There are also ways to earn points and added rewards, so I highly recommend signing up if you are a regular customer. You can learn more on The Body Shop’s website HERE.

Now that I’ve shared my tricks to saving big at The Body Shop, let’s break down my most recent purchase!

RETAIL PRICE: 21 + 21 + 21 + 10 + 14 + 18 = 105

SALE PRICE: 21 + 21 + 21 = 63

LOVE YOUR BODY PRICE: 63 x 10% = 56.70

EBATES PRICE: 56.70 x 8% = $52.16 –> total savings of 50%!

As you can see, these three simple tips add up to huge savings at The Body Shop! I know other stores sell products from The Body Shop at discounted prices, but I can always save more buying directly from the store. Plus, I can earn rewards on my purchases with Love Your Body! It’s a win for my wallet and for me – I get to use my favorite products at a discounted price. I hope you all found this post helpful! If you have any tips for saving at The Body Shop that I didn’t mention here, please share in the comments! Happy shopping!

This post is not sponsored or affiliated with The Body Shop. My link to Ebates is a referral link. All opinions are my own. See my Disclosure Policy for more information.