Dare to Compare | Priti NYC Fireglow vs Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Electra-cute

Happy Wednesday! Today I am excited to share another nail polish comparison post with all of you. After looking through all the yellow polishes in my collection, I turned to the oranges to see if there were any duplicates. I noticed right away that Priti NYC Fireglow and Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Electra-cute looked exactly the same in the bottle. These are both perfect orange cremes for the fall, so I decided to swatch them and see which formula I preferred. As with all of my Dare to Compare posts, I’ll show you each polish individually, and then side-by-side.

Priti NYC – Fireglow Priti NYC – FireglowFirst up is Fireglow, a bright orange creme from the boutique brand Priti NYC. Fireglow has a great formula that is opaque in two coats. It can be a bit patchy, but it does dry to a beautiful finish. I love that I am supporting a small business with this polish, and that it is made in the USA.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel – Electra-cute Sally Hansen Miracle Gel – Electra-cuteElectra-cute from Sally Hansen Miracle Gel is also a bright orange creme polish. The formula is good, but I did find Electra-cute to be quite patchy and streaky. I layered on three coats and I still didn’t have a completely even finish. I was a bit surprised, because I know I really enjoyed this polish when I first got it, so I guess the formula changed over time. Electra-cute was a limited edition polish that isn’t available anymore, so I considered that when swatching as well.

Priti NYC Fireglow vs Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Electra-cute Priti NYC Fireglow vs Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Electra-cuteHere is a look at Fireglow and Electra-cute side-by-side. I cannot tell any difference in shade whatsoever! As you may have predicted, I’m going to be decluttering Electra-cute. The formula just doesn’t match up to Fireglow!

All in all, I’m so glad I discovered another duplicate shade in my nail polish collection. I highly recommend picking up Fireglow if you are looking for an orange polish. You can purchase it direct from the brand’s website HERE. It is a bit more expensive at $15, but worth the splurge! Let me know in the comments what your favorite orange polish is, and if you’ve tried any polishes from Priti NYC.

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