Dare to Compare | Wet ‘n Wild Fergie Miami Spirit vs Julep Lena

Happy Friday! Today’s Dare to Compare post is one featuring two nail polishes that I’ve absolutely loved for years. I never thought that they would be so similar until I held the bottles next to each other! Wet ‘n Wild Fergie Miami Spirit and Julep Lena are both teal polishes, and I knew they weren’t exact duplicates because one of these dries to a matte finish while the other does not. Nonetheless, I wanted to swatch them side-by-side to see if it was really necessary to keep both in my collection. Let me review each polish for you, and then share the comparison results!

Wet 'n Wild Fergie Miami Spirit Wet 'n Wild Fergie Miami SpiritFirst up is Wet ‘n Wild Fergie in Miami Spirit. This is a teal polish with teal and silver shimmer that dries to a matte finish. I applied two coats to achieve opacity, and really like the result. This line of polishes comes with a wide, flat brush that I enjoy using. Miami Spirit is a fun and affordable polish!

Julep Lena Julep LenaNext up is Julep Lena, a teal polish with gold and green shimmer that dries to a glossy finish. Lena has an excellent formula that is opaque in two coats. I absolutely love this polish, and I even did a full wear test on the blog HERE a few years back. I’m so glad I rediscovered Lena, because I forgot how great is.

Wet 'n Wild Miami Spirit vs Julep Lena Wet 'n Wild Miami Spirit vs Julep LenaHere is a side-by-side look at Miami Spirit and Lena. I am wearing Miami Spirit on my pinky and ring fingers, and Lena on my middle and pointer fingers. I did apply a glossy top coat over Miami Spirit so I could really see how these polishes compare. The teal shade is almost identical, but I find that in person Miami Spirit has a much stronger shimmer effect than Lena. I prefer creme polishes, and so I’ve decided to keep Lena in my nail polish collection and destash Miami Spirit.

All in all, I’m so glad I tested out these polishes side-by-side, because I might not have discovered how similar they are otherwise. I highly recommend both of these polishes, and have worn them both many times over the years. There is just no reason for me to keep both of them, especially as I’m paring down my collection. I would love to know in the comments what your favorite teal polish is, or if you’ve tried either of these!