Dare to Compare | Milani Blue Print vs Milani Blue Jay vs Essie Butler Please

Happy Monday! Today I have another nail polish comparison post featuring three blue polishes. This post is pretty exciting for me, because it contains my all-time favorite nail polish, Essie Butler Please. I just drool over bright blue polishes, and that is reflected in my collection. Nonetheless, it’s time to pare down my blues to the best of the best. I noticed that Butler Please looks very similar to two of my Milani polishes, so I had to test them out side-by-side. Let’s take a look at each blue individually, and then compare the shades.

Milani Color Statement – Blue PrintMilani Color Statement – Blue PrintFirst up is Milani Color Statement in Blue Print. This is a bright blue polish that dries to a glossy finish. Blue Print has an excellent formula that is opaque in two coats. This polish is part of Milani’s permanent collection, and available at the drug store for a fabulous and affordable price. I highly recommend this polish if you’re looking for something really budget-friendly.

Milani – Blue Jay Milani – Blue Jay

Next up is Milani in Blue Jay. This was a limited edition nail polish from the Fantastical Plumage collection and no longer available. Blue Jay has an amazing formula that is opaque in two coats. I absolutely love this polish! In fact, I’m a big fan of that entire collection. I’ve held onto all the polishes, but unfortunately you cannot purchase them any longer. Nonetheless, I thought it would be helpful to include Blue Jay in this comparison if you do own it!

Essie – Butler Please Essie – Butler PleaseLast but not least is Essie Butler Please, my favorite polish! Butler Please has a unique formula that dries to a semi-matte finish. It applies rather smoothly, and it does take two coats to achieve opacity. There is just something about this polish that I am forever obsessing over, and I definitely compare other blue polishes to this one. The formula isn’t perfect, but the end result is worth it to me.

Milani Blue Print vs Milani Blue Jay vs Essie Butler Please Milani Blue Print vs Milani Blue Jay vs Essie Butler PleaseHere is a look at all three polishes side-by-side. From left to right are: Milani Color Statement Blue Print, Milani Blue Jay, and Essie Butler Please. It is clear that we don’t have any exact duplicates with any of these polishes, but they are very similar. Blue Jay is the deepest blue of the three for sure. Blue Print and Butler Please are nearly identical in shade, but of course vary in terms of finish. I’ve decided to destash Blue Print, because although I love it, I’m always going to reach for Butler Please over it. Plus, I know I’m keeping the other two, so one has to go.

All in all, while I didn’t find a dupe in this Dare to Compare, I was glad to test out these polishes together. If you are looking for the perfect blue, I highly recommend any of the polishes mentioned today. Essie Butler Please is available on Amazon HERE for $8.50, and check your local drugstore for Milani Blue Print. Please let me know in the comments what your favorite bright blue nail polish is, and if you prefer a glossy or matte finish.

Some of the products in this post were provided for my unbiased review. This post includes an affiliate link. All opinions are my own. See my Disclosure Policy for more information. 

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  1. linda a. says:

    I love blues too. I definitely prefer glossy over mat. Right now my favorite blue is Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Byte Blue. It’s very similar to the original, famous, Sally Hansen Pacific Blue shade that is no longer available. A beautiful bright blue, a tad lighter than Essie Butler Please. I’ve also had my eye on Essie Make Some Noise which is a beautiful bright blue and Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Rhythm and Blue, one that you recently swatched. I’m not sure though, if I already own dupes of these two shades. I hate buying a polish then finding out that I already own a dupe of it. Essie Butler Please is also available in CVS, Harmon, and Walgreen’s. That is a popular shade.

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