Zoya Seashells Collection for Summer 2016

Happy Wednesday! Today I am continuing my review of the Zoya Nail Polish Summer 2016 release with a full review of the Seashells Collection. I was very surprised to see Zoya release a PixieDust Collection this summer. The PixieDust formula is Zoya’s take on textured nail polish. It applies smoothly and then dries to a textured finish, complete with stunning glitter in each polish. I could have sworn that the textured trend was over, but I was wrong! PixieDust polishes are back in action this year, and I’m excited to review them for you.

Zoya Seashells Collection for Summer 2016I wanted to quickly note that I applied two coats of each PixieDust polish in the photos you see here. PixieDust polishes are buildable, and are typically opaque in 2-3 coats.

Zoya – Levi Zoya – LeviFirst up is Levi, a yellow gold polish with holographic glitter. Levi has a great formula, and dries very quickly. I’m not one to wear gold polish regularly, but this is a great option. I also like the holographic glitter, since it adds a lot of dimension to the polish.

Zoya – Linds Zoya – LindsNext up is Linds, a red polish with red and gold glitter. Linds has a good formula, but I found the textured effect isn’t as strong with this polish. That might be a pro for you depending on how much you like the PixieDust finish. Linds is more of a fall and winter shade for me, so I find it interesting that it’s part of a summer collection!

Zoya – Zooey ZooeyMy favorite polish in the collection is Zooey, a pink polish with gold glitter and holographic hexagons. I love the combination of the gold and pink, because it almost makes this polish appear as a rose gold. Plus, Zooey sparkles so beautifully in the sunlight, which makes it perfect as a summer staple!

Zoya – Cece Zoya – CeceNext up is Cece, a green polish with gold glitter. Cece is definitely a bit on the sheer side, as I applied two coats and it is not opaque. That being said, I’m interested to try layering Cece over another green polish to see what that looks like.

Zoya – Bay Zoya – BayBay is up next, and it is a blue polish with silver and gold glitter. Bay is similar to Cece, in that the formula is more on the sheer side. The pigmentation is not as strong as I would like, but if you like lighter blues this one will be right up your alley!

Zoya – Tilly Zoya – TillyLast but not least is Tilly, a silver polish with purple and holographic glitter. Tilly is a really unique polish, and I know I don’t own anything else like this in my stash. I think Tilly will look beautiful with darker skin tones, but I’m not loving it with my fair complexion. I’m much more of a rose gold girl!

All in all, I think Zoya has produced a solid collection with the Seashells. I’m not a big fan of the PixieDust formula anymore, but these polishes are all amazing quality. I definitely recommend Zooey, and if you’re only looking to pick up one Seashells polish that is my pick. You can shop for these polishes on Zoya’s website HERE for $10 each or $60 for the full collection.

The products in this post were provided for my unbiased review. All opinions are my own. See my Disclosure Policy for more information. 


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