Dare to Compare | Milani Imperial Purple vs Essie Play Date vs Chrome Girl 2Gether Forevs

Happy Friday! My nail polish declutter project continues today with a comparison post of some purple nail polishes. I absolutely love a good lavender polish, especially in the spring. My go to shade is always Essie Play Date, but it turns out I own two polishes from Milani and Chrome Girl that look very similar in the bottle. I had to test them out together to see how both the shades and formulas compared. Let’s jump into another Dare to Compare!

Milani Color Statement – Imperial Purple Milani Color Statement – Imperial PurpleFirst up is Milani Color Statement in the shade Imperial Purple. This polish has a good formula, but it is a bit on the watery side. I applied two thin coats to achieve opacity. Imperial Purple is a great option from the drugstore, but you do have to be prepared for cleanup because it can be messy.

Essie – Play Date Essie – Play DateNext up is Essie Play Date, the lavender polish I always grab! Play Date does not have a perfect formula, as it can be a bit streaky. I applied three coats for a smooth and opaque finish. Even though Play Date’s application isn’t the best, it wears really well. I have great luck with Essie formulas even though I only have a few in my collection.

Chrome Girl – 2Gether Forevs Chrome Girl – 2Gether ForevsLast but not least is Chrome Girl in 2Gether Forevs. I don’t think I’ve tried this polish since I first reviewed it over two years ago! 2Gether Forevs has an excellent formula. It applies smoothly and is opaque it two coats. I forgot how great this polish is!

Milani Imperial Purple vs Essie Play Date vs Chrome Girl 2Gether Forevs Milani Imperial Purple vs Essie Play Date vs Chrome Girl 2Gether ForevsHere is a look at these purples side-by-side. From left to right are: Milani Imperial Purple, Essie Play Date, and Chrome Girl 2Gether Forevs. As you can see, Essie Play Date is a different shade than the other two polishes. This surprised me a lot! However, Imperial Purple and 2Gether Forevs are virtually the same shade. I’ve decided to keep both Play Date and 2Gether Forevs, as I love both of these polishes!

All in all, I’m glad I tried all three polishes side-by-side! I highly recommend all of these, but my favorite has to be Essie Play Date. There is just something about it that I really love, even though it can be streaky upon application. You can purchase it at your local drugstore or on Amazon HERE. Make sure to let me know in the comments what your favorite lavender nail polish is!

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