Dare to Compare | Julep Evelyn vs butter LONDON Queen Vic

Happy Monday! Today I have my last nail polish comparison in the purple color family. I’m surprised I don’t own more purple nail polishes, as I really love the way they look! Nonetheless, I noticed both Julep Evelyn and butter LONDON Queen Vic look very similar in the bottle. I figured I didn’t need to own both of these polishes, so I decided to swatch them to see which one I like better. Let me share the results with you!

Julep – Evelyn Julep – EvelynFirst up is Julep Evelyn, a deep purple polish with a hint of red pigmentation. Evelyn has a good formula that is opaque in two coats. It does have a thicker formula, so prepare for that by wiping most of the product off the brush before applying the polish to the nails. Evelyn looks amazing on my nails, and it is a great shade for the fall months.

butter LONDON – Queen Vic butter LONDON – Queen VicNext up is butter LONDON in Queen Vic. This polish is also a deep magenta purple. Queen Vic has a good formula, but it does tend to be streaky. I needed to apply three coats to achieve opacity and get a smooth finish. I think Queen Vic’s formula changed over time, because in the past I only needed two coats. Sometimes polish formulas can definitely get wonky over time, so unfortunately I think that happened to Queen Vic.

Julep Evelyn vs butter LONDON Queen Vic Julep Evelyn vs butter LONDON Queen VicHere is a look at the polishes side-by-side, with Julep Evelyn on my pinky and ring fingers and butter LONDON Queen Vic on my middle and pointer fingers. Evelyn is just slightly darker than Queen Vic, but this difference is very miniscule. If you own one of these polishes, there is no need to purchase the other! I’ve decided to declutter Queen Vic since I prefer Evelyn’s formula.

All in all, I am surprised to see how similar these polishes are to one another! I know Julep often gets a bad rep, but while I’ve definitely found some Julep duds, there are a lot of Julep products I really enjoy. The opposite goes for butter LONDON polishes – they are well loved, but they just don’t always work the best for me. I would love to know in the comments if there are any popular polish brands that you don’t like. It’s such an interesting conversation!

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