Dare to Compare | Milani Color Statement Cupcake Icing vs Milani Cupid’s Touch

Happy Wednesday! Today’s nail polish comparison features two nail polishes from the same brand. Milani Cosmetics relaunched its nail polish line a couple years back, and understandably many of the nail polishes are quite similar from the brand’s old line. I wanted to test out two polishes that appeared very similar in the bottle. That way if you own the original polish, there is no need for you to purchase the new version. Let me show you Cupcake Icing and Cupid’s Touch both individually and side-by-side.

Milani Color Statement – Cupcake Icing Milani Color Statement – Cupcake IcingFirst up is Cupcake Icing from the Color Statement line, the range currently in drugstores. Cupcake Icing is a blue-toned pink polish and has a great formula. It applies well and it opaque in two coats. I think this shade of polish looks good on everyone no matter the skin tone. It is also work appropriate as it is just a step away from a neutral polish.

Milani – Cupid's Touch Milani – Cupid's TouchNext up is Cupid’s Touch from Milani’s older nail polish line. Cupid’s Touch is also a blue-toned pink, and has the same great formula of Cupcake Icing. I never reach for this polish, but I really like how it looks on me as I’m typing up this blog post. I’m going to have to make an effort to wear it more often!

Milani Color Statement Cupcake Icing vs Milani Cupid's Touch Milani Color Statement Cupcake Icing vs Milani Cupid's TouchHere is a look at Cupcake Icing and Cupid’s Touch side-by-side. Can you tell a difference between the polishes? I can’t! It appears that Milani rebottled Cupid’s Touch for its newer nail polish line. That is completely understandable, as a relaunch will inevitably include some older polishes. I do find it interesting that the polish name was changed, but perhaps that was a marketing technique. Whatever the reason, it is not necessary to purchase Cupcake Icing if you already own Cupid’s Touch. I will be decluttering one of these polishes, and I think I’ll keep Cupid’s Touch since it can’t be purchased any longer.

All in all, I hope you found this post helpful whether you were looking for a dupe of Cupid’s Touch or you simply enjoy comparisons! Let me know in the comments how you feel about rebottled nail polishes. In this case the rebottling makes sense to me, because Milani revamped its entire nail polish line. I would also love to know if you own a blue-toned pink polish and if you wear it often.

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  1. linda a. says:

    Blue toned pinks are the best. I have my eye on the new one in the Zoya Sunsets collection but I probably already own this color. Anyway rebottling nail polish is understandable but it’s very confusing from the consumer’s point of view. Whether they change the name entirely or they keep the name but completely change the formula and shade, it’s kind of annoying. The later is more annoying than the former. Perfect example is the Sally Hansen Pacific Blue debacle a couple years ago lol.

    • Adventures in Polishland says:

      Yes! I was thinking about Pacific Blue while writing this post. I wouldn’t mind either way so long as the brand is transparent about it.

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