Dare to Compare | Comparing 4 Bright Pink Nail Polishes

Happy Tuesday! I told you in my last Dare to Compare post that my love for pink polishes is strong, and bright pink is one of my favorite shades to wear. In fact, one of my first ever Dare to Compare posts back in 2013 featured three bright pink polishes (read it HERE). Today I have four more polishes to compare with all of you. I’ll be reviewing each polish individually, and swatching them side-by-side to see the colors together.

Milani Color Statement – Hot Pink Rage Milani Color Statement – Hot Pink RageFirst up is Hot Pink Rage from Milani’s Color Statement line. Hot Pink Rage has a perfect formula that is opaque in one coat! I did apply two in the photos above to see if I could achieve a richer pigmentation, but one coat is definitely all you need. Hot Pink Rage is definitely a deeper pink in shade, while still being very bright.

Milani – Raspberry Delight Milani – Raspberry DelightNext up is Raspberry Delight from Milani’s older nail polish line that is now discontinued. Raspberry Delight has a good formula, but it did get a bit streaky during application. I applied two coats for opacity, and I can see some uneven texture in the finish. This is a gorgeous pink, and a bit lighter in shade than Hot Pink Rage. Raspberry Delight does have a very subtle shimmer in the bottle, but I can’t see it on my nails at all.

Covergirl – Tickled Pink Covergirl – Tickled PinkTickled Pink from Covergirl is up next, another polish I’ve owned for several years now. Tickled Pink has an amazing formula that is opaque in two coats. It applies really smoothly, and just looks amazing on my nails. I’ve had great luck with Covergirl polishes, and Tickled Pink is one of my favorites!

Priti NYC – Nice Gal PeonyPriti NYC – Nice Gal Peony

Last but not least is Nice Gal Peony from Priti NYC. Nice Gal Peony also has an excellent formula. It applies well and is opaque in two coats, and just so pretty! I also like that this polish is made in the USA by a smaller brand. I do take those things into consideration when buying products, because it’s always nice to support companies in my own country.

Dare to Compare | Comparing 4 Bright Pink Nail Polishes Dare to Compare | Comparing 4 Bright Pink Nail PolishesHere is a look at all four polishes together. From left to right are: Milani Color Statement in Hot Pink Rage, Milani in Raspberry Delight, Covergirl in Tickled Pink, and Priti NYC in Nice Gal Peony. It is obvious from the comparison that these polishes are not exact duplicates for one another despite being very similar. Hot Pink Rage and Tickled Pink are almost dupes, but they are slightly different. It’s so difficult for me to declutter any of these polishes, because they all have such great formulas. However, there is no need for me to keep all four, so I’m letting go of Raspberry Delight and Tickled Pink.

All in all, I’m surprised that these bright pink polishes are more different in shade than I first anticipated! Sometimes the way a polish looks in the bottle is not exactly how it dries on the nails. That is certainly the case with some of these pink shades! As always, I would love to know what bright pink polishes are your favorites. Please share in the comments!

Some of the products in this post were provided for my unbiased review. All opinions are my own. See my Disclosure Policy for more information. 


  1. linda a. says:

    Sometimes the way a polish looks in the bottle is not exactly how it dries on the nails.

    So true and that drives me crazy! I’ll buy a polish thinking I’m getting a unique shade that I don’t already have but when it goes on my nail it morphs into the very shade I didn’t want because I already have it and it looks darker on my nails than in the bottle. This happened recently with a gorgeous shade of bright, peacock blue but when I painted my nails it looked more like the teal blue I already own. It turned darker on my nails. 🙁

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