Dare to Compare | Milani Mauve Medley vs Milani Color Statement Mauving Forward

Happy Wednesday! Today I am excited to try out two Milani nail polishes side-by-side to see if they are duplicates. I’ve noticed while decluttering my nail polish collection that many of my nail polishes from Milani are very similar in shade. This is completely understandable, as Milani revamped its entire nail polish line a few years ago. Nonetheless, I don’t need to keep polishes if they are the same shade. Let me share two mauve polishes with you and let you which I’m keeping!

Milani – Mauve Medley Milani – Mauve Medley

First up is Milani in the shade Mauve Medley, a deep mauve that leans towards a brown shade. Mauve Medley has a good formula, but it is a bit on the streaky side. It does even out well in two opaque coats, and is very rich in pigmentation. Mauve Medley is not a nail polish shade that I reach for, but it is a beautiful polish.

Milani Color Statement – Mauving Forward Milani Color Statement – Mauving ForwardNext up is Mauving Forward from Milani’s current Color Statement line. Mauving Forward is a lighter mauve shade with purple undertones. This polish has a good formula that is opaque in two coats. It applies smoothly and has a very rich pigmentation. Mauving Forward is a great neutral polish for everyday wear!

Milani Mauve Medley vs Milani Color Statement Mauving Forward IMG_0253Here is a side-by-side look at these two polishes, with Mauve Medley on my pinky and ring fingers and Mauving Forward on my middle and pointer fingers. It is clear that these polishes are not exact dupes, and are instead quite different in shade. Yes, they are both mauve shades, but Mauve Medley is quite darker than Mauving Forward.   That being said, I’ve decided to declutter both of these nail polishes. I just never reach for a mauve shade, and there is no reason to keep these if I’m not wearing them.

All in all, I’m glad I tested out these polishes together to discover that they are actually a bit different despite both being mauve shades! While Mauve Medley is no longer available for purchase, you can pick up Mauving Forward at your local drugstore or on Milani’s website HERE. Please let me know in the comments if you have a favorite mauve nail polish, or if you prefer to wear another neutral shade!

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