My Top 5 Book Buzzwords

Happy Tuesday! Today I thought it would be fun to share with you my top five book buzzwords. These are the words or phrases that, when used to describe a book, prompt me to pick it up as soon as possible. The cool thing about buzzwords is that they can fit into multiple genres. For example, you can find some of my buzzwords in fantasy, contemporary, science fiction, mystery, and more! This blog post will list my top buzzwords and provide a bit of an explanation as to why I get so excited to read books that fit into these categories. I will also share some books I recommend for each buzzword, so you can read them if you have not already.

My Top 5 Book Buzzwords!

5. Heart-wrenching Books

I love books that are extremely emotional, but it’s not enough for a book to just make me cry. If a book can provide me with well-developed characters who find themselves in really difficult situations, then I get sucked in easily.

4. Competition Stories

I will admit I’m a very competitive person, and I love to read about characters who are also battling against one another. The competition can be the central plot of the book, or one scene in a longer novel, but if there is any sort of competitive aspect advertised about a book, you bet I will give it a read.


3. Secret Societies

I am so intrigued with the idea of secret societies, whether they exist in a world like our own, or in a fantasy world. There is just something so interesting about this concept to me. Perhaps it’s the idea that they are hiding in plain sight and have so much power over mainstream society without anyone knowing it.


2. Cults / Fundamentalist Religions

Similar to secret societies are books about cults or fundamentalist religions. I haven’t read too many books in this category yet, but I love television shows and movies about this topic. I think it is fascinating to learn about people who grow up in fundamentalist religions, but I also like to learn about those who get sucked into a cult later in life. I have a lot of books on my to read list that fit this category!

1. Unreliable Narrators

Finally, my most-loved book buzzword is an unreliable narrator. I love when books are written in the first-person, and you don’t know whether you can trust the character and anything he may tell you. Sometimes it is apparent from the start that a narrator may be lying to you, but it’s even better when a plot twist comes in to show the narrator’s deceitfulness to you as a reader.


That wraps up my top five book buzzwords! I hope you enjoyed learning more about my reading habits, while at the same time getting some book recommendations from me. I would love to know in the comments if you have any book buzzwords. You can also let me know if you have any book recommendations that fit my categories of choice. I’m always excited to learn more about the books you all love!

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