Go Veggie Cheese Alternatives Pepper Jack Singles Review

Happy Thursday! Today I’m reviewing a food product here at Adventures in Polishland. I am a member of the website BzzAgent, and sometimes receive free products to try. Imagine my surprise when I got the opportunity to test out cheese alternatives from the brand Go Veggie just as I began eating a vegan diet! I got two coupons for a free product, and went grocery shopping right away. Go Veggie offers lactose free, soy free, and vegan cheese in a variety of styles and flavors. I could only find one vegan option at my local grocery store, the Pepper Jack Singles, and got those to try. Let me share my experience eating this cheese alternative with you!

Go Veggie Cheese Alternative Pepper Jack Slices Review

Go Veggie Cheese Alternative Pepper Jack Slices ReviewI found Go Veggie in the produce section of my local grocery store. Unfortunately for me, the Pepper Jack Singles was the only vegan option available. I’m not a big fan of Pepper Jack cheese, so I knew I wouldn’t love the flavor of this cheese. However, I still wanted to give it a try to see what the texture was like, and get a good idea of what the Go Veggie Cheese Alternatives are like. What I love about Go Veggie products is that they are non-GMO and plant-based. Plus, the Pepper Jack Singles contain more calcium and less fat than traditional cheese. One slice is only 35 calories, but 20% of your daily calcium!

Go Veggie Cheese Alternative Pepper Jack Slices ReviewThe Pepper Jack Singles are packaged just like regular cheese singles, and look like Pepper Jack, too. I tried the cheese on its own, on homemade pizza, and in sandwiches. Unfortunately, I did not care for this cheese very much. The flavor itself tastes just like Pepper Jack, which I appreciate but don’t enjoy too much because of the spicy kick. My biggest issue, however, is with the texture. It’s difficult to describe what Go Veggie feels like, but it is not like traditional cheese at all. It felt a bit grainy and stiff, and not gooey or creamy. It also didn’t melt very well. Part of the problem I had with the taste is because I was overanalyzing the cheese on all my food – I knew I was using a cheese alternative and not the “real thing,” so with each bite I had the mindset of: “Does this taste like cheese?!” If I wasn’t concentrating so hard on tasting the vegan cheese, I might have enjoyed it a bit more.

While I’m not the biggest fan of Go Veggie’s Pepper Jack Singles, I still want to try the other available vegan options if I can find them. Not only are there three other flavors of cheese singles, but there are shreds and dips as well. If you are looking for a cheese alternative, whether you are vegan, lactose intolerant, or soy free, I do recommend trying out Go Veggie to see how you like it. Pepper Jack wasn’t the best cheese for me to try, but I went for it because that’s all I had available. You can visit the Go Veggie website HERE to learn more about the available products!

Have you tried vegan cheese? Share your favorite brand or flavor in the comments!

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