October & November Empties | #365DaysofEmpties Update

Happy Wednesday! Today I have my October and November beauty empties to share with you. I didn’t have the opportunity to post October’s empties at the end of last month, so I’ve lumped them together with November’s. I haven’t used up too many products these past couple of months, which makes me a bit nervous about finishing my #365DaysofEmpties goal for this year. Let me share my mini reviews of the products I’ve finished, and share my plans on the #365DaysofEmpties project for the rest of the year.

October & November Empties | #365DaysofEmpties Update


October & November Empties | Skincare

Avalon Organics Intense Defense Detoxifying Towelettes [BUY] – 1 pack

  • Mini Reivew: I found this pack of cleansing wipes at TJ Maxx and decided to pick them up because I love trying different varieties of makeup remover towelettes. These wipes were okay, but I was very happy to see the pack come to an end. I didn’t like the texture of the towelettes or the smell of the wipes. However, it’s great that they are biodegradable and vegan.
  • Would I Buy it Again? Probably not.

Yes to Cucumbers Facial Wipes [BUY] – 1 pack

  • Mini Review: I went back to one of my all-time favorite makeup wipes this month, and I’m so glad I did. The Yes to Cucumbers wipes are soothing, gentle, and remove all my makeup. I think these are going to be my go to brand for a while now.
  • Would I Buy it Again? I already did!

The Body Shop Seaweed Pore-Cleansing Facial Exfoliator [BUY] – 1 bottle

  • Mini Review: This exfoliator was a big disappointment for me. It smelled funny, and it didn’t remove my dead skin cells. However, I do feel like it helped keep my pores clean. Thus, if you are looking for a really gentle face scrub this might be a good option for you.

HAIR CARE October & November Empties | Hair Care

Batiste Dry Shampoo Original [BUY] – 1 can

  • Mini Review: It is safe to say that Batiste Dry Shampoo is the best option I’ve found from the drugstore. It leaves my hair feeling fresh and clean, and I like the scent of the Original variety. It can leave a bit of a powdery look to my brunette hair, but it blends out quite well.
  • Would I Buy it Again? Yes!

Davines Love Conditioner [BUY] – 1 sample

  • Mini Review: I really enjoyed this sample of conditioner from the brand Davines. I got about 3-4 uses out of this one packet, and my hair looked so nice and shiny whenever I used it. The smell is a bit strong and fragranced, but I otherwise love the product.
  • Would I Buy it Again? Yes.


October & November Empties | Body Care

Bath & Body Works Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Shower Gel – 1 bottle

  • Mini Review: I finished up this bottle of shower gel that I began last fall, and I’m glad I used it all. This product smells amazing, but it is quite drying. Bath and Body Works products have a lot of chemicals in them, and once I use up all of the items I have in my stash I won’t be shopping from them anymore.

Dove Powder 24h Invisible Solid [BUY] – 1 tube

  • Mini Review: Dove is the only brand of deodorant that works for me consistently. I purchased a nice supply of Dove deodorants and am still working my way through them. This one smells nice and fresh, and I do recommend it. That being said, I am going to try and find a more natural option to use once I run out of Dove.


October & November Empties | Brush Cleaner

BeautyBlender BlenderCleanser Liquid [BUY] – 1 bottle 

  • Mini Review: I’ve been trying to clean my BeautyBlender between each use, and my cleanser of choice is the liquid BlenderCleanser. I like this liquid form much more than the solid. It gets my BeautyBlender really clean, and it is easy to use with a pump top.
  • Would I Buy it Again? I already did!


October & November Empties | Oral Care

GUM Comfort Slide Flossers [BUY] – 1 pack

  • Mini Review: If you are trying to get into the habit of flossing daily, I highly recommend starting with flossers. It makes flossing really easy, and it definitely helped me floss regularly. I finished up this pack, and now I’ve moved on to more traditional floss, which is cheaper.



Unfortunately, I am behind in my goal of reaching 100 empties this year. I will need to use up 16 products in the month of December if I want to be successful, and that is a lot! I realize I might not get to 100, but I am going to try to only use the products I currently have open, and if I need to start new ones, to grab sample sizes first. Nonetheless, I’m glad I’ve been keeping track of all my empties this year to see how many products I use up each month. It helps keep my shopping in check for sure!

What products did you use up recently? Let me know in a comment!

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  1. themakeuptrain says:

    I agree with you about the B&BW products. Nostalgia prompted me to place a huge order a couple of months ago, but after i use up what I have I think I won’t repurchase.

    • Adventures in Polishland says:

      Yeah, they smell amazing and are really affordable with sales and coupons. I saw a huge difference in my skin when I switched from another brand!

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