Zoya Perfect Lipstick | Swatches + Review of Full 12-Piece Collection

Happy Monday! Today I am excited to bring you swatches and a review of the complete Zoya Perfect Lipstick Collection. This line of 12 lipsticks is created with a hydrating formula designed to last 4-6 hours without drying or cracking. The Perfect Lipsticks are also vegan and environmentally friendly, and have a wide shade range to fit any skin tone. Let me share this lipstick collection and my thoughts on it with you!

The Perfect Lipstick Collection contains nine cream finishes, two mattes, and one frost. All of the lipsticks are unflavored and unscented.

First up is MatteVelvet Red, a cool-toned red with a matte finish. I am pleasantly surprised with how comfortable this lipstick is to wear. Even though it is matte, it feels very smooth and creamy on the lips. Plus, MatteVelvet Red is a classic red shade that I think is a staple in any lipstick collection. 

Next up is Cameron, a light beige lipstick with a cream formula. Cameron has a great pigmentation for a lipstick that is so light in shade. It makes me look a bit washed out because of my very fair skin tone, but I otherwise really like how it wears. I can see this being an everyday color for many people!

One of my favorite lipsticks in the line is Paisley, a purple-toned mauve with a cream finish. Paisley does require about two coats for opacity on the lips, and it is a bit messier to apply. Otherwise, the shade is beyond gorgeous, and I can see myself reaching for this lipstick regularly.

If you’re looking for a red lipstick with a cream finish, Frankie is the pick for you! Frankie is a bright, true red, and it feels really comfortable to wear. It reminds me of my days as a competitive dancer when we were required to sport red lips at our performances. Whether you’re hitting the stage or simply running errands, Frankie is a stunning red!

Next up is Georgia, a bright berry shade with purple undertones. Georgia is a bit outside of my comfort zone, but it is a beautiful lipstick. It has a cream formula, and I do recommend about two coats for an opaque look. Georgia is a great shade to take you from winter to spring!

The next matte shade in the line is Maxwell, a deep plum shade with fuchsia glitter. Maxwell has a great formula, and it is surprisingly comfortable to wear despite containing glitter. However, it is one of my least favorite lipsticks in the collection simply because I don’t like wearing glittery lip colors. Maxwell is also a bit troublesome to remove, as the glitter gets all over the place without coming off my face. That being said, if glitter lipstick is your thing, Maxwell is a nice option.

The other glittery shade in the collection is Brooke, a mauve shade with pearlized glitter. Brooke is more of a tinted lip balm than a lipstick. Unlike the other shades in the collection, this one is not pigmented at all, and it barely shows up on my lips. Brooke does have a cream formula, but I’m not a big fan of it because it just makes my lips look oddly glittery.

Wren is another favorite for me in the collection. This is a pinky-peach shade with a cream finish, and I think it’s another everyday shade. Wren is a lipstick that can be worn any season of the year, and it’s a great choice if you are just getting into makeup and hesitant to wear bright colors.

Next up is Candy, a blue-toned bright pink lipstick with a cream finish. Candy is a Barbie pink for sure. It is extremely pigmented, and I know this will be a spring and summer staple for many people. I’m usually hesitant to wear bright pink lipsticks, but I’m excited to have this in my collection for sure.

Mellie is a the next cream lipstick that is somewhere between a red and pink shade. I think Mellie is a very wearable color, and it also feels really hydrating and comfortable on the lips. Mellie is a great lipstick for any skin tone, and it is work appropriate as well. This is a must have for your lipstick stash!

The one frost formula in the collection is Belle, a blue-toned pink with a golden frost finish. I do not like frost lipsticks, so Belle is not the shade for me. However, Belle is nicely pigmented and is a pretty color for those of you who do enjoy frosts. It reminds me a bit of cotton candy!

Last but not least is Jasmine, a deep plum lipstick with a cream formula. Jasmine is absolutely beautiful and extremely pigmented. This shade is a bit outside of my comfort zone, but I think this is one of the best lipsticks in the collection. Jasmine feels so creamy and hydrating on the lips!

All in all, I think Zoya’s Perfect Lipstick Collection contains a great variety of shades and formulas. The majority of the line is well pigmented, and they all feel very comfortable to wear. My personal favorites are Paisley, Wren, and Mellie, but I recommend all of the shades except for Brooke. You can purchase the Zoya Perfect Lipstick Collection on the brand’s website HERE for $12 each. Make sure to follow Zoya on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for sale information and discount codes.

Which Zoya Perfect Lipstick is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

The products in this post were provided for my unbiased review. All opinions are my own. See my Disclosure Policy for more information.


  1. linda a. says:

    I have Georgia. I love it. I like plummy, mauve, or brown shades because they compliment my overall coloring. All of these lipsticks are nice.

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