Beauty Empties | Winter 2017

Happy Wednesday! Today I am excited to share with you all of the products I used up in the first three months of 2017. Last year I began the #365DaysofEmpties project, and this year I am continuing to focus on using the products in my collection before purchasing anything new. While I do have a goal to empty 120 products in 2017, my true objective is to own less products and spend less money. I’ll be sharing mini reviews of each product I use up with you every season! Let’s jump into all of the beauty products I’ve emptied so far this year.

If you are new to my blog, I wanted to quickly share with you a bit more about me and how that relates to my beauty stash. I went vegan this past June, and although I immediately changed my diet, I decided to use up many of the non-vegan products I owned so as to not waste them. Thus, although my empties posts do contain non-vegan products, I only purchase vegan items now. I will share mini-reviews on the non-vegan products, but won’t mention if I will repurchase them, and instead mark each one with an asterisk.


Urban Decay De-Slick Makeup Setting Spray [BUY]

  • Mini Review: This makeup setting spray is one of my holy grail beauty products. It truly makes a huge difference in how my makeup wears throughout the day, and I continue to buy it despite the high price. I love that it controls my oily skin, and if I ever forget to wear it I can tell.
  • Repurchase? Yes!

*Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder [BUY]

  • Mini Review: I finally finished up my last Rimmel Stay Matte powder. I am sad to see this go, as this was my favorite setting powder. However, I’m currently using an option from e.l.f. that is getting the job done.

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper [BUY]

  • Mini Review: I really liked using this sample of eyeliner from Kat Von D. I found it to be very pigmented, and it has a nice brush applicator. I don’t wear eyeliner often, so I can’t say if it is better than other brands.
  • Repurchase? Maybe. I would prefer to buy an affordable eyeliner to keep in my stash for the few times a year I do wear it.


*Clinique Pep-Start Eye Cream [BUY]

  • Mini Review: I got this eye cream in a subscription box, and I found it to be just okay. I’ve never found an eye cream that I really love, and this one falls into that same category of being fine but not bringing me any results.

*Fresh Soy Face Cleanser [BUY]

  • Mini Review: I really enjoyed the way this cleanser made my skin feel after use, which was soft and very clean. However, it smelled really weird. This was a nice cleanser to use up, but the smell definitely put me off a bit.

*Yes to Coconut Ultra Hydrating Melting Cleanser [BUY]

  • Mini Review: I really loved this cleanser when I first started using it, but I definitely got sick of it towards the end. This cleanser feels really nice, but sometimes the texture was too thick and high maintenance for me. It smells amazing, though!

*The Body Shop Vitamin C Daily Moisturizer  

  • Mini Review: This moisturizer was great for my skin! It was definitely the perfect weight for my skin, which gets oily very easily. This product is not available for purchase any longer, but it was a nice option at the time.

Yes to Blueberries Intensive Skin Repair Serum [BUY]

  • Mini Review: I have very mixed thoughts about this serum. When I first used it, my skin broke out like crazy, so I stopped using it for a while. Once I picked it back up, my skin really enjoyed it! My only real issue is that my foundation didn’t cooperate well with this serum.
  • Repurchase? Probably not. I’m sure there are better options!

Yes to Cucumber Facial Wipes [BUY] 

  • Mini Review: These are now my go to makeup remover wipes! I regularly buy them, and look for them during sale events. I find they do a great job at removing all my makeup without being too harsh. The cucumber is also very refreshing.
  • Repurchase? Yes!


*Living Proof No Frizz Styling Spray [BUY]

  • Mini Review: A friend gave me this product a couple years ago, and I finally finished it! This is one of the best anti-frizz sprays I’ve ever used. My hair always came out nice and sleek when I used this product, but it also didn’t get weighed down or oily. The only drawback would be the chemically smell.

*CVS Therapeutic Dandruff Shampoo [BUY]

  • Mini Review: Unfortunately, this is the one non-vegan product I continue to buy because I need it for medical reasons. You’ve probably heard me talk about how I have a very sensitive scalp. This is especially true in the winter months when the atmosphere is much drier. This is the only shampoo I’ve tried that I can count on to clear up the itchiness and patchy scales. If I don’t use it, my scalp will feel irritated all day long. Not fun!

*Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask [BUY]

  • Mini Review: I used this mask as my regular conditioner by only applying it from the ear down and letting it sit for about a minute. This was a nice product, but I used it every now and then because it is very heavy for my fine hair. If you have dry and thick hair, this might be a great choice!


*Bath and Body Works Vanilla Bean Noel Shower Gel

  • Mini Review: I got this shower gel for free during the Christmas 2015 season. I only used it in the winter, so that’s why it took me so long to use the whole bottle! I’m glad I’m all done with my Bath & Body Works stash now. These shower gels are just too drying!

*The Body Shop Aloe Body Butter [BUY]

  • Mini Review: I got this lotion because it was the only unscented option from The Body Shop at the time. This was definitely a great body butter, and it is perfect for someone who is sensitive to smells. I am glad to use this up, though, because it is too thick to use in the upcoming summer months for me.

*Dove Advanced Care Deodorant [BUY]

  • Mini Review: This Dove deodorant has been my go to for a few years now, and I bought a pack at a box store to save money. I’m nearly through that pack, and will then be moving on to a natural option that is also vegan. I’ve heard that these mainstream deodorants are really bad for our bodies, but I haven’t done accurate research to know all the science behind this claim. It is a shame because this deodorant works really well!


*Colgate Total Advanced Fresh + Whitening [BUY]

  • Mini Review: I’m beyond excited that I’ve used up the last non-vegan oral care item in my beauty stash. This toothpaste was nice, but I don’t feel like it did anything to whiten my teeth. The only reason I bought this one in particular was because I had a coupon and it was on sale at the time.



All in all, while I am behind in my goal of reaching 120 empty products this year, I’m so happy to be using products in my stash and clearing out a lot of old products. I’m especially glad to be using many new skincare products, but it’s overall a great feeling to empty my cupboards and purchase just the vegan products I really need. Let me know if you are interested in a blog post about backup products and stock piles. My views have really changed in the past few years!

What products have you used up recently? Let me know in a comment!

Some of the products in this post were originally provided for my unbiased review. Affiliate links used. All opinions are my own. Please see my Disclosure Policy for more information.


  1. linda a. says:

    Regarding the Bath and Body Works shower gel, I’ve learned the hard way to be very careful with anything that I will be putting on my skin. I purchased a bunch of Bath and Body Works lotions and creams during their big holiday sale. Some were absolutely great but one in particular, Twisted Peppermint kept drying out my hands every time I used it. I looked at the ingredients and saw there was isopropyl alcohol and benzyl alcohol in it! The other B&BW that I got didn’t have these alcohols in them. Anyway I’m stuck with the Twisted Peppermint and unfortunately I bought two large ones of that scent and only one of the other, non alcohol containing scents. Since then I look at every ingredient before I buy a lotion, cream, or anything else I intend to slather on my sensitive skin. You’d be surprised how many of even brands like Burt’s Bees and Shea Moisture have at least Benzyl alcohol in them.

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