Maddieloos Cinnamon Ginger Pumpkin Vegan Facial Mask Review

Happy Monday! Today I am excited to share my thoughts on a new-to-me skincare brand. Maddieloos is a naturally vegan skincare company run on Etsy. I received the Cinnamon Ginger Pumpkin Facial Mask in a package from The Pumpkin Batch, and couldn’t wait to try it! I’ve really been slacking with my face masks lately, so this was a perfect opportunity to treat my skin and let you know what I think of this product. Without further ado, here is my review of the Maddieloos Cinnamon Ginger Pumpkin Vegan Facial Mask!

Each Maddieloos face mask is designed to be used as both a mask or as a scrub. I decided to use this as a mask, since I’m currently using another scrub. The Cinnamon Ginger Pumpkin mask is formulated to remove dead skin cells, fight acne, and promote new cell production. According to the brand, pumpkin contains natural enzymes that help to dissolve dry skin cells. The mask also contains vitamins A, C, E, and T, and is part of the brand’s acne-free skincare system.

The mask smells absolutely divine when I open the jar. It’s somewhere between a baked good and an intense candle! The texture of the mask is quite chunky, but it is easy to smooth out over the skin. I got a nice layer on for my face mask without using too much product! I allowed the mask to set for about 10 minutes (Maddieloos recommends 5-15), and then gently rinsed it off with warm water. I am absolutely in love with how my skin felt after use! Not only was my skin extremely soft, but it felt clean and firmed as well. This mask is definitely an all-in-one type product, as it’s rare my skin feels so moisturized after a mask that also exfoliates well. Of course, I will need to use this regularly to see a big change in both acne breakouts and pore size, but I am really loving the mask even upon its first use.

All in all, I am very impressed with the Maddieloos Cinnamon Ginger Pumpkin Vegan Facial Mask. If you are looking for a mask that will refresh your skin and provide lasting moisture, I think you should give this a try! You can buy a 4oz jar of this mask on the Maddieloos Etsy store HERE for $17.95. While this is more than I would typically spend for skincare, I think it is a great value for the money. I didn’t need a lot of product to get full coverage with the mask, and I also don’t mind spending a bit more when I’m supporting a small business. I know I will be checking out the other products Maddieloos has to offer in the future!

UPDATE: The owner of Maddieloos has graciously provided a coupon code! Use JUST4U at checkout to save 5% on your order.

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  1. Marsallai Quick says:

    Hi there,
    This is Marsallai, the owner of Maddieloos. I just wanted to write and say Thank you for such a kind review, and how happy I am that you are pleased with the pumpkin mask!! If you have any questions on products, just let me know, thats why Im here, to help.
    thank you and take care! Here is a coupon code – JUST4U (5%off) for you and your customers.

    • Adventures in Polishland says:

      Thank you so much, Marsallai! I will make sure to reach out if I have any questions in the future!

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