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Happy Food Friday! Today I have a haul to share with you. I recently went to Marshalls for the first time in quite a while, and I couldn’t believe my luck. I discovered a plethora of vegan food products, and some vegan beauty products, too! While I knew Marshalls sold some food, I had no idea my local store had expanded to include a few isles of goodies, many of which are vegan. There were so many tasty treats available that I had to limit myself to a few things. I’m so excited to share with you my vegan haul from Marshalls!


Cybele’s Free To Eat Chocolate Chunk Brownie Cookies – $3.99

This box of cookies started the haul for me. When I saw vegan Chocolate Chunk Brownie Cookies on the shelf I just knew I had to try them. These cookies are from the brand Cybele’s, which specializes in products that are free of the top eight allergens. I’ve already tried all of the food products in this blog post, and I’m happy to report I really enjoyed these cookies. They were such a nice treat, and I think the price was good for a box of 12 cookies considering this is a boutique brand. I stopped by the brand’s website and there are coupons available HERE if you would like to try them for a discounted price!

The GFB Gluten Free Bites in Dark Chocolate Coconut – $3.99

Next I grabbed this bag of Gluten Free Bites in the flavor Dark Chocolate Coconut. I’m sure you will notice that many of the vegan products I feature on the blog also happen to be gluten free, but I do not eat a gluten free diet. It just so happens these two dietary restrictions overlap in many specialized foods! I thought these bites sounded delicious, and I was right. It felt like eating cookie dough, and I loved the coconut outside with a gooey inside. Plus, two bites have 4 grams of protein, which is pretty good in a mini snack. I also saved a dollar buying this product at Marshalls, as a bag retails for $5.00 on the brand’s website HERE.

Pereg Quinoa with Spinach – $2.99

The last food item I purchased was a Quinoa with Spinach packet from Pereg Natural Foods. I needed to get at least one meal option instead of snack food, right?! This quinoa was really tasty, and very easy to make as it comes with all the spices pre-mixed into the packet. I am surprised to learn that this product sells for $4.80 on the brand’s website HERE, meaning I saved nearly $2.00 by shopping at Marshalls! I also got two meals out of this, stretching my dollar even further. First, I made the quinoa for dinner and sautéed some broccoli and garlic to make complete the meal. I then finished the leftovers for lunch the next day by adding the quinoa to a salad for added protein! I would definitely buy this product again, perhaps try the other flavors as well.


Eco Tools Makeup Brush Cleansing Cloths – $2.99

Last but not least, I stopped by the beauty section to see if there were any products I needed to try. I found a lot of great vegan options, but limited myself to one new-to-me product. I purchased a pack of the Eco Tools Makeup Brush Cleansing Cloths because I thought they were an amazing price at $2.99. As it turns out, I got a great steal! These clothes retail for $6.99 on the brand’s website HERE. I saved $4.00 by shopping at Marshalls. I think this is because Eco Tools has new packaging for this product, so the products with the old packaging are now discounted. I’m so excited to use these cleansing cloths whenever I travel, or perhaps on days where I really need a clean brush but don’t have the time for a complete cleansing session. I’ll be sure to report back once I’ve tested these!

That wraps up my latest Marshalls Haul! I still cannot believe I found all of these vegan products for such great prices. I know some people are wary about buying food at stores like Marshalls, but so long as you check the expiration dates and ensure the packaging is in good shape you shouldn’t have any problems. All of the food I purchased was well within the expiration dates, and they tasted fresh! If you are struggling to find some treats that meet your dietary restrictions, I highly recommend seeing what your local Marshalls has to offer. I know I will be going back whenever I’m in the mood to try a new product, especially a yummy treat like cookies!

What unexpected finds have you discovered at Marshalls? Let me know in the comments!

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