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Happy Wednesday! Today I am excited to share my thoughts on the Erin Condren Sherpa Throw blanket with all of you. Erin Condren is my favorite place to purchase planners, and the company has expanded to offer more products for the home including art prints, accent pillows, and throw blankets. I decided to purchase the Sherpa Throw in the design Floral Ink, because I absolutely love blankets and needed a new one for this past winter season. Now that I’ve used the blanket for a few months, I’m ready to share my full review!

The Sherpa Throw currently comes in 15 different designs. I purchased the Floral Ink pattern because I love the color scheme and gorgeous florals. The throw is also available in two sizes: 50″ x 60″ at $55.00 and 60″ x 80″ at $75.00 I went with the smaller size blanket, and it appears to be the average throw blanket size. In the photo above, the blanket is folded in half and draped over a couch. The product is 100% polyester, and is machine washable and dryable.

The difference in blanket color is due to the lighting in each photograph. The blanket did not change color after being washed.

The Sherpa Throw shipped to me from a third-party, and separate from the other Erin Condren products I ordered at the same time. I was disappointed that I did not receive a tracking number for the blanket, but it arrived quickly and in perfect condition. The blanket was beyond luxurious when it first arrived. I loved how soft and fluffy the underside of the blanket was, and the top felt so velvety and smooth to the touch. The Sherpa Throw is also really warm and cozy – just what I wanted for the cold winter months! Unfortunately, I did notice a big change in the blanket after washing it. Despite following the washing instructions exactly, the once-fluffy underside became matted after its first wash, and a bit more matted after its second. The top also lost its velvety smooth feeling. While the blanket is still in great condition and extremely warm and comfortable, I am disappointed that it lost all of its fluffy texture. Nonetheless, I still think the Sherpa Throw is beautiful, and I will happily continue using it.

All in all, I think the Erin Condren Sherpa Throw is a great product, but I do think the price tag is too high when I think about the comparable products that can be purchased at stores like Marshalls and Target for more affordable prices. Of course, I also think it is disappointing that the texture of the blanket changes so much after each washing. In the end, I do recommend this product if you are able to afford the price, or if you get it during a sale. I still really love my Floral Ink throw, and I would consider purchasing more in the future if I wanted a specific design for a room in my home.

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