5 Ways to Save BIG at Michaels!

Happy Wednesday! Today I am excited to share more of my money-saving shopping tips with all of you. I love going to Michaels for planner supplies, craft tools, and home goods. There are so many fun items to look at, but I always make sure to stick to my budget and only buy the items I really want and plan to use. Luckily, Michaels runs amazing sales and offers coupons on a regular basis, so there is always a way to save money. Today I’ll share how I maximize my savings at Michaels so you can live a fabulous and affordable life, too.

I am not affiliated with or sponsored by Michaels. I simply want to share my money-saving tips with all of you!

1. Always Use a Coupon

Michaels always has at least one coupon available for use each week. You can find the coupons available in your local area by visiting the coupon page on the Michaels website HERE. Michaels also has a free rewards program that sends out exclusive coupons to its members via email and snail mail. I recently received a flyer in the mail that had three exclusive coupons for the month of July. I was able to get 25% off my total purchase including sale items! You can learn more about the Michaels Rewards program on the store’s website HERE.

2. Shop the Entire Store

When I go to Michaels, I make sure to look at every section in the store even if the items I plan on purchasing wouldn’t normally be there. This is because products often get put on seasonal and holiday displays, on the end of aisles, and in hidden clearance sections. For example, I often get asked where you can find the $1.00 sticker books sold at Michaels. Unfortunately, I can’t give you one answer! I’ve found them in the kids section, on holiday displays in the center aisle, on seasonal displaces in aisles, and more. The trick is to look carefully in each section, because you never know where an item will be. Plus, while Michaels will often have a dedicated section for clearance, it can pop up behind the aisles and in the regular sections as well. Keep an eye out for the red and yellow clearance sings, and blue clearance price tags!

3. Become Familiar with Sale Promotions

My next tip is to familiarize yourself with the sales that Michaels runs each week. Even if you don’t plan to shop, take a look at the weekly ad. Michaels tends to recycle and repeat its sale promotions. For instance, washi tapes often go on sale for 50% off, and a few times a year they are 60% off. If you know that you want to pick up new washi tapes, wait for the sale to take place. Once you know what the regular Michaels sale promotions are, you can time your purchases so they line up with the sale. Of course, if you need to buy something at the last minute, this tip won’t be as helpful. Thankfully you can still use a coupon!

4. See if You Qualify for a Special Discount

Michaels also offers special discounts for teachers, members of the military, and senior citizens. You can learn more about these special discounts on the Michaels website. Click HERE for information on the teacher discount, HERE for information about the military discount, and HERE for information about the senior discount. What’s even more exciting is that sometimes you can stack this discount with a coupon! Make sure to read the fine print on your coupon for any exclusions.

5. Use Ebates to Earn Cash Back When Shopping Online

If you can’t get to a Michaels store in person, you can shop online now! Michaels does offer cash back through Ebates. You can sign up to Ebates for free using my referral link HERE. If you have any questions about Ebates and how it works, check out my blog post HERE.

That wraps up my shopping tips for Michaels! I hope this post helps you to save some extra money at your next Michaels shopping trip. As always, if you have any more tips, please share them in the comments!

Want a savings guide for another store? Let me know in the comments!