Vegan Recipes I’ve Tried and Loved | Summer 2017

Happy Food Friday! This past year I’ve spent a lot of time finding easy and delicious vegan recipes online. It can take a lot of searching to get that perfect recipe, so I thought I would save you some time and share some of my favorite recipes with you! If you are looking for some simple vegan recipes that anyone will love, this is the post for you. Let me share with you the delicious recipes I’ve tried and loved this summer.

Super Easy Vegetarian Chili Recipe [LINK]

I was never a big chili fan growing up because I’ve always disliked ground beef. Now that I love beans, though, chili seemed like the perfect dish for me! This recipe from The Spruce is really easy and beyond delicious. I do not put in any of the ingredients listed as optional, but otherwise I stay true to the recipe. Plus, this chili freezes really well! I made a double batch and froze half of it so that I could have meals ready to go on busy days.


No-Fuss Vegan Cornbread [LINK]

Of course, I had to make cornbread to go with my chili! This recipe from Food52 stays true to its name – it really is no-fuss. I follow the recipe exactly and it comes out really well each time. This cornbread also freezes well, so if you are cooking for 1-2 people just save some of this for later! I’ve always loved cornbread, and this one is absolutely delicious.

Healthy 5-Ingredient Granola Bars [LINK]

Next I tried a breakfast food, and that is granola bars from Minimalist Baker. I’ve never made granola bars before, and this recipe made it really simple. I followed the recipe exactly, but also added in about 1/3 cup of peanuts that I had on hand. My bars came out great, but I used a 9×9 pan instead of an 8×8, so they did fall apart easily in some spots. Nonetheless, they are beyond yummy, and I love pairing a bar with fresh fruit for breakfast.

One Pot Vegan Fettuccine Alfredo [LINK]

Last but not least is my favorite of the bunch, an absolutely amazing Vegan Fettuccine Alfredo from Neurotic Mommy. I found this recipe on Pinterest, and knew right away I needed to try it. I cannot stress to you how delicious this pasta dish is! I’ve already made it twice, and I know it will be a part of my regular dinner rotation. The one change I make to the recipe is that I keep the stove on medium-high as opposed to medium-low when cooking the pasta. Otherwise, the pasta does not absorb the sauce. That being said, if you are craving some creamy pasta, you need to try this now!

That wraps up the new-to-me vegan recipes I’m loving at the moment. I hope you found this post helpful, and that you will give some of these recipes a try. I plan on sharing my favorite recipes with you every season so you can know what I’m loving at the moment. You can also follow me on Instagram HERE to see more of the food I eat on a regular basis!

Have you tried an amazing recipe lately? Please share it in the comments!


    • Adventures in Polishland says:

      I haven’t, but perhaps at some point. I was never a big fan of traditional meat, so mock meat I tend to avoid. I hope to get more adventurous with that in the future!

    • Adventures in Polishland says:

      Yay! I’m so excited to hear you are going vegan, and that this post was helpful. Feel free to reach out and let me know if you need any help as you transition to a vegan lifestyle!

  1. Kelley says:

    I’m not vegan, but I’m always very open to trying new things. I’m just starting to cook more, and the fettuccine recipe looks yummy! Thanks for sharing your favorites.

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