Is LipSense Worth the Price? | Full Review of LipSense Caramel Apple + Matte Gloss

Happy Wednesday! Today I am really excited to share with you my experience using LipSense for the first time. I heard of LipSense earlier this year from YouTuber Carah Amelie (see her review HERE), and suddenly saw the product popping up in the beauty community left and right.  When my cousin invited me to a LipSense party, I decided it was time to finally try this product for myself. I purchased the LipSense color Caramel Apple and the Matte Gloss, and got to testing as soon as it arrived. This blog post will tell you more about LipSense, as well as give you my full review of the products. Make sure to read through the entire post for a LipSense coupon code!

LipSense is a long-lasting lip color that is formulated to last up to 18 hours. There is a lot of information out there about LipSense and its benefits, and you can learn more from any distributer. I purchased my LipSense from Amy at The Lipstick Factory. I thought it would be most helpful to share with you why I wanted to try the products. The main reason I was drawn to LipSense is the claim that it is smudge proof and water proof. I really don’t like when a lip color transfers onto my water glass or on my food, so having a lip color that stays in place all day is very appealing to me. The 18-hour wear claim also sparked my interest. Who doesn’t want to go an entire day without needing to touch up her lipstick? Of course, I also love that LipSense is vegan. It is also lead free, wax free, gluten free, and paraben free. I have to admit, LipSense is one of those products that just sounds too good to be true, and I couldn’t wait to put it to the test!

I purchased one LipSense Color and one gloss to start. Each color costs $25.00 and each gloss costs $20.00. When combined with a flat shipping rate of $3.00, my total spent was $48.00. That’s a good amount of money for one lip color, but I figured it would be worth it if the product lived up to its claims. It’s important to know that you do need to purchase a gloss with your lip color, as the color cannot be worn alone. I definitely find that a bit frustrating in terms of affordability, but the good news is you can use the same one gloss with every LipSense shade. I decided on the Matte Gloss because I’m just not much of a glossy lips person.

Finding my ideal lip color online was a bit tricky at first, but after looking carefully at the swatches and getting some input from Amy, I chose Caramel Apple. There is a specific method to applying LipSense, which you can learn more about by reading the product’s packaging. In essence, you apply three coats of lip color allowing each to dry completely. You then finish up with the gloss, and you are good to go. I’ve worn my LipSense off and on for about a month now, and I am pleasantly surprised with how easy it is to apply. I usually struggle big time when putting on lipstick, but the doe foot applicator makes putting on LipSense very simple. I do feel some stinging and tingling when I apply the lip color, but that goes away when I put on the gloss. I’m definitely amazed at how zero lip color transfers onto the gloss applicator!

Let’s talk about how LipSense wears! Overall, I am absolutely impressed with this lip color. It truly does stay put throughout the day. I haven’t had any problems with smudging! My only concern with the wear comes with eating. LipSense is not like a traditional lipstick that leaves smudges on your drinking glass or food. Instead, I find that small flakes of the lip color come off when I wipe my mouth with a napkin or bit directly into food. This does happen more with oil-based dishes, which makes sense, but after I eat a meal I notice the product has come off the edges of my lips. LipSense does say that this is exfoliation, and it should stop once your lips adjust to wearing the product. I will definitely report back if I notice a change in how my LipSense wears. Besides this small issue, my only complaint would be that the Matte Gloss can feel a bit drying at the end of the day. Nonetheless, the majority of my lip color is still on my lips after being worn all day, and it feels comfortable to wear as well.

All in all, I am so happy I finally decided to try LipSense. I do think it is worth the money, as it is the longest wearing lip color I’ve ever tried, and it is the only lip color I’ve tried that does not smudge or transfer. Caramel Apple is the perfect daily color for me, as the pink mauve shade goes well with my fair skin tone. I do plan to try more shades in the future, too! As I mentioned earlier, LipSense is one of those products that sounds too good to be true. While I wouldn’t say that LipSense is a miracle product, it’s definitely become my new go to lip color. In fact, I haven’t worn another lip color since purchasing LipSense!

The LipSense distributer I purchased from is kindly giving my readers a coupon code! To order, please visit The Lipstick Factory on Facebook HERE and contact Amy. Mention the code CHRISTINA10 to get 10% off your purchase!

Have you tried LipSense?! Let me know what you think in the comments!

I am not affiliated with LipSense. The products featured in this post were purchased by my. All opinions are my own. See my Disclosure Policy for more information.

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