5 Kitchen Gadgets that Actually Work | Affordable Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Happy Wednesday! Today I’m excited to share with you five kitchen gadgets that actually work. With holiday shopping season now in full swing, I wanted to give you some stocking stuffer ideas. I have used and loved all of the kitchen gadgets featured in this post today, and think anyone who enjoys cooking, or who is looking to learn cooking, will enjoy them as well. What’s better is that all of these products are super affordable and under $15.00 each!

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1. Silicone Garlic Peeler – Set of Two for $5.99 [BUY]

This silicone tube is so amazing at peeling garlic! Simply chop off the end of a garlic clove, stick it in the tube, and roll it on the counter. The clove is peeled in seconds, and it works every time! I got mine at Daiso, but you can easily score one on Amazon. I use a ton of garlic in my cooking, and this has cut down on a lot of peeling time for me. Plus, this is small enough to tuck into any kitchen drawer.



2. Jarkey – $4.99 [BUY]

My mom got me a JarKey for Christmas a few years ago, and I absolutely love using it! This handy little tool opens any jar for you with ease. Simply place it on the edge of a jar and gently push down until you hear a pop. Your jar will then open without any struggle on your part. You no longer need a grip, nor will you stick a jar under warm water to loosen the cover. I honestly get so excited to use my JarKey, and highly recommend it!



3. Veggetti Vegetable Spiralizer – $8.59 [BUY]

The next product is another one I was gifted by my mom a few years ago, and that is the Veggett! Yes, this is an As Seen on TV product, but it truly works. This mini vegetable spiralizer easily creates noodles out of your favorite vegetables. Whether you’re looking for a pasta alternative, or simply want to spiralize veggies for your salad, this Veggetti is awesome to have on hand. I love the small, compact size of this spiralizer, as it is easy to store as opposed to the larger models from competitor brands.



4. OXO Good Grips Pro Y-Peeler – $12.99 [BUY]

This is by far the best vegetable peeler I’ve ever used! Not only does the wide grip fit well in my hand, but the blade works flawlessly. The blade is stainless steel, and it can be replaced in the future should it wear out completely. Plus, this peeler is dishwasher safe! While there are more affordable peelers on the market, I think it’s worth the few extra dollars for this one!





5. OXO Good Grips Water Bottle Cleaning Set – $9.95 [BUY]

I love using reusable water bottles and coffee mugs, but they can be really difficult to hand wash. When my nephew was born, I noticed that my brother and sister-in-law had special brushes to clean his baby bottles. Sure enough, there are brushes for all size bottles! This particular set comes with three different attachments, so you can easy clean any shape and size bottle. Pair this fun brush set with a reusable water bottle, and it makes a nice gift!



That wraps up my top five kitchen gadgets that actually work! I hope this post introduced you to some new products, whether you are grabbing them for a stocking stuffer gift or for yourself. As always, I would love to hear from you in the comments! What are your favorite kitchen gadgets?! I love trying out new tools that help save me time and energy whilst cooking!

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