Harry’s Truman Starter Set Review

Happy Friday! Today I have a review of the Truman Starter Set from the brand Harry’s to share with you. I was sent this starter set for review, and was very interested to see how Harry’s compared to the other shaving subscription company I already use. I really like that Harry’s is a cruelty free brand, and that all of their products are vegan as well. Harry’s is also an affordable brand, especially compared to the razors one would typically buy at the drugstore.

The products in this post were provided for my unbiased review. All opinions are my own. See my Disclosure Policy for more information.

The Truman Starter Set retails for just $15.00. It includes 1 Truman Razor Handle, 1 Foaming Shave Gel, 3 German Engineered Blade Cartridges, and 1 Travel Blade Cover. Every order over $10 ships for free, and you can even earn cash back on your purchase through Ebates HERE, so I think this starter kit is a fabulous deal if you want to try out the Harry’s products.

First, let’s chat about the razor, which I think is the most important item in the set. The Truman Razor comes with a rubberized handle that is weighted. I really like this sturdy handle, because it does not slip out of my hand in the shower, and it makes the razor really easy to control. Harry’s offers one type of blade, as opposed to competitor companies that sell different sizes. The Harry’s head comes with five German blades, a flex hinge, and a lubricating strip. I like that there is one set price for Harry’s razors, as opposed to other companies that will charge a higher price for a 5-blade head. Plus, I found that the razor did an excellent job at giving me a close shave without any nicks.

The next item in the Truman Starter Set is the Foaming Shave Gel. I am not a big fan of shaving creams or gels, but I did give this one a try. Unfortunately, I did not like this product at all. While it does work fine as a shave gel, and foams up quite nicely, this product is extremely fragranced. Just one small squirt of the product unleashes a traditionally masculine and cologned scent that is very strong and lingers all day. Nowhere on the product, or on the Harry’s website, does it say this is a fragranced product, so I was a bit surprised when the scent was so strong. If you are sensitive to fragrances, I do not recommend this product. If you do like traditionally masculine scents, then you will probably enjoy this product – it really comes down to your personal preference.

The last two items in the Truman Starter Set are the Refill Blades and Travel Blade Cover. I think it’s great that you get a travel cover, so you can protect your razor on the go. I also thought I would mention here that each blade does last a while before going dull. Harry’s recommends changing the blade every 6-8 shaves, but I got great use out of each blade for a few weeks. Therefore, I think the price of $2.00 per blade (or less, if you subscribe!) is a great deal.

All in all, I am very happy with the quality of Harry’s products. While the Foaming Shave Gel is not for me, I would recommend this service if you are looking for razors on a budget. The Truman Starter Set is a great way to try out some of the products Harry’s has to offer. You can buy it on the brand’s website HERE for just $15.00.

Have you tried Harry’s products? Let me know in the comments!