Zoya Nail Polish Party Girls Collection Review | Winter & Holiday 2017

Happy Monday! Today I have a full review of the Zoya Nail Polish Party Girls Collection. This 12-piece nail polish line was Zoya’s release for the 2017 Holiday and Winter season. I finally had a chance to try out the complete collection, and I’m excited to share my thoughts with you. Party Girls contains a variety of polish formulas, finishes, and shades, so there will be a polish for everyone! Whether you are creating a fancy manicure for a night out, or looking for a classic red, Party Girls has you covered!

The products in this post were provided for my unbiased review. All opinions are my own. See my Disclosure Policy for more information.

I am wearing each of these polishes with a base coat but not a top coat. Almost all of these polishes are opaque in two coats, but I will mention if I needed a third coat in each polish’s individual review. My swatches are photographed in natural light.

First up is Nadia, a glittery gold topper that leans towards orange. Nadia can be worn alone, or layered over other polishes. I am wearing three coats in these swatches to achieve an opaque manicure. I’m surprised with how much I love this polish! I would never pick it up on my own, but I think it looks great with my skin tone.

Next up is Solstice, an orange metallic polish with orange and gold shimmer. I’m really impressed with how pigmented this polish is! I like how smoothly Solstice applies to the nails, too.

Tawny is also a metallic polish, but it is a copper shade with a rosy undertone. While I really like how the shimmer in Tawny adds a lot of dimension, it can be a bit messy upon removal. I recommend taking off the shimmer polishes right before you get into the shower so the shimmer can wash off your hands well.

The first cream polish in the Party Girls Collection is Ming, a classic bright red shade. Ming applies beautifully, and I love how it dries down to a super glossy finish without the need of a top coat. This red shade is not unique, but it is a great staple to add to your collection if you are looking for a reliable red.

Next up is Fallon, a metallic magenta polish. Fallon looks quite a bit darker in person than it does on the Zoya website, and I think it leans more purple than pink, too. Nonetheless, this is a gorgeous nail polish, and I love the magenta shade.

Sheri is another cream nail polish in a red shade. I was quite surprised to see two reds in this collection, and think Ming and Sheri are quite similar. That being said Sheri is a bit darker in tone, so if you prefer a deeper red it is the polish for you. I definitely do not think you need to own both of these polishes, though.

One of my favorite polishes in the collection is Kelsey, a bright pink cream. If you want Barbie nails, you need Kelsey in your life! The formula is perfection, and I’m definitely a sucker for these fun pink shades.

Danielle is another one of my favorites, and it is a periwinkle cream polish. This polish photographs a bit more blue than it is in person. That being said, I’m loving the rich pigmentation in Danielle, and I think this color can work well during any season of the year.

The collection goes back to metallic formulas with Isadora, a deep purple polish with purple and magenta shimmer. I have owned many polishes like Isadora in the past, but I love having this vegan-friendly option available. Plus, I love how rich and dimensional this looks on the nails.

The next purple shade is Landon, a cream polish that Zoya compares to eggplants! While I own a lot of purple cream polishes, Landon is unique for me because of its deep shade. I really like how this polish looks on me, and think I will wear this a lot come the fall months.

Delaney is a metallic purple polish with a duochrome shift. I was a bit disappointed that the cool duochrome effect I see in the bottle did not translate on the nails at all. I will try to layer Delaney over a black and white polish in the future, and will report back if I get the duochrome to show up on my nails!

Last but not least is Blake, a deep sapphire blue polish with gold shimmer. Blake is a great off-black option. The formula is a bit messy, but it is really beautiful. If you are looking for a unique dark polish, Blake is a nice one!

All in all, I am really enjoying the Party Girls Collection from Zoya Nail Polish. I appreciate that there are a variety of shades and finishes available, so you can pick and choose the polishes that you like best. My favorites are definitely Kelsey, Danielle, and Landon, and I’m excited to test out Nadia and Isadora with other polishes! You can purchase the Party Girls Collection on Zoya’s website HERE. These vegan nail polishes retail for $10 each.

Which Party Girls polish is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!






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