2018 Nail Polish Project Pan | Nail Polish I Want to Use Up This Year

Happy Tuesday! I recently did another round of decluttering my nail polish collection, and I found a few polishes that I’ve used up quite a bit. It inspired me to do a Project Pan with some nail polish this year! If you are new to the concept of a Project Pan, it is when you pick some products in your beauty collection to focus on using for a specific period of time. My goal is to empty the polishes in this blog post by the end of the year! Let me show you the seven nail polishes I picked for my 2018 Project Pan!

Some of the products in this post were originally provided for my unbiased review. All opinions are my own. See my Disclosure Policy for more information.

Please note that I used a black marker to draw a line on each product so I can see my progress throughout the year.

Ruffian Nail Lacquer in Hedge Fund

One of the polishes that inspired this project is Hedge Fund, a gorgeous army green with a metallic gold shimmer. This is one of my all-time favorite nail polishes, and I’ve used about a third of the bottle already! I want to use this up because I don’t think this nail polish is vegan, and this polish is also discontinued. I will probably focus on this polish a lot during the fall.

Julep in Susie

I also have another green polish in my project, this time a mint green from Julep. Susie is one of the first Julep polishes I ever owned, and I absolutely love it. Now that I’ve owned it for almost six years (wow!), I think it’s time to finish this up once and for all. It should be easy to empty this, as the bottle is small and I’ve already used about one third of it.

Julep in Brandt

I am also including the Julep shade Brandt from the Fall 2012 Trina Turk Collection. This is a beautiful off-black nail polish, and I feel like I haven’t used it because I am saving it. However, this is such an old polish that I’m ready to enjoy what’s left of it. I might use this polish a bit this winter, but this is another one I will focus on in the fall.

Zoya in Arizona

I wanted to include a Zoya nail polish, so I went for the one mini polish I have in Arizona. This is a bright orange cream, and I think I can get a lot of use out of this in the summer. Arizona will be a bit of a challenge since it is almost full, but I think I can do it!

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics in Grandma

The next polish is also a fun and bright shade in Grandma from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. I love this nail polish, but I also own another one in my collection that is nearly identical. Since this polish is quite old, and I’ve already used a bit of it, I decided to include it in this project.

Milani in White

Similarly, I own two bottles of white nail polish, so I’m including one of them in this project. My favorite white of all time is Fantom from the brand LVX. Thus, I’m holding onto that one and hoping to use up this white from Milani. It is going to be a challenge to empty this nail polish, but I’m hoping to wear it in combination with other polishes to get some good use out of it.

Milani in Blue Jay

Last but not least is another Milani polish in Blue Jay. I also tend to hoard blue polishes, so it’s time to use up one of them. I absolutely love this polish, but it’s from an old and discontinued collection, so it’s time for it to go. I chose this shade of blue because it is a bit more muted than many of the others in my collection, so I think that makes it more wearable for any time of year.

That wraps up my introductory post for my 2018 Nail Polish Project Pan! I’m so excited to see if I can empty these seven polishes by the end of the year. I also think this will be a great learning opportunity for me, as I get to see how much use I can get from a single bottle of nail polish. I will make sure to check in a few times throughout this year to let you know how my project is going!

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