Ride the Waves with Elle Surfer Babe

Here at Adventures in Polishland, I focus on bringing you nails that are fabulous and affordable. Typically, I don’t like to spend over $5 for polish. I never expected to pick up any of the Elle line new at Kohls stores, which retails for $10. However, I have the best mom, and she let me use her Kohls Cash to get a free bottle! I picked up Surfer Babe, a beautiful light blue. Even though I got this bottle for free, I was still a bit skeptical about it. Why is this polish $10 when it is sold at Kohls? Isn’t Kohls supposed to be inexpensive? I’m very happy to announce that this bottle of polish surprised me and turned out to be fabulous!

Surfer Babe by Elle

Surfer Babe is a light blue a bit on the teal side, with a shimmer running through it. I was a bit nervous with the first coat of polish. It applied evenly, but was very sheer. Luckily the second coat worked like magic. My nails look exactly as I hoped they would! The color is now opaque and extremely gorgeous. I am honestly impressed with Elle’s formula. At the same time, I am not sure that I would spend $10 regular price for this polish. If it was even $6 I might purchase them every once in a while, but I would rather go for a drugstore brand that is comparable in quality. Do you think $10 is a lot for Elle polish? Have you tried this brand yet?

Instagram shot!

P.S. My Kohls store was offering $1 off coupons for Elle polish! The coupons were located right next to the display. Make sure to keep an eye out for those if you’re going to buy this brand!


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