Try it on Tuesday: Jesse’s Girl Confetti

This week I am trying on one of the Jesse’s Girl polishes that I purchased in a blog sale about a month ago. Confetti is a really interesting polish. In the bottle it looks like a shimmery purple, but upon application I realized it is also a holo polish that shifts between purple and blue depending on the light. Confetti is very sheer. I applied three coats and it is not completely opaque. I think it would look great layered over another solid color, though. I had no problems whatsoever with application.


I’ve been wanting to try out Jesse’s Girl polishes as they retail for just $3.99. Besides being affordable, they look really pretty. Confetti reminds me of Sally Hansen HD polishes, but at about half the price. Though I’m not thrilled with how sheer the polish is, it is definitely stunning. I love that it has the appearance of glitter without being a glitter polish. I can’t wait to try this out as a top layer!


Have you tried Jesse’s Girl nail polish? What do you think of Confetti?


  1. Amanda (Mae) says:

    I have this one too and found it incredibly difficult to capture the true beauty of it, the blue and the purple. i love this color, but I agree I think I used 4 coats its very clear 🙁

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