Michael Marcus Paradise Pink

It’s not that I don’t love sparkly and funky manicures, but for my first day of law school, I thought it would be more appropriate if I toned it down a little bit. At first the idea of a neutral tone popped into my head, but then I realized a pink would probably be okay, too. I decided to try out one of the Michael Marcus nail polishes that I received in my July Little Black Bag.

Paradise Pink is a gorgeous color that I would label a true pink. It isn’t too bright, and it isn’t too dark. It’s just pink! The formula of Paradise Pink is like a dream. It is so easy to apply, and I didn’t experience any problems. The brush was easy to hold and use as well. I was good to go with two coats of this polish.

My only woe with Paradise Pink is that it already began chipping not even twenty-four hours after application. I did apply top coat, but a few nails had slight wear around the edges. I am rather surprised by this, as Michael Marcus retails for $15 a bottle. Since this is the first time I’ve used it, I’m going to say the chipping occurred because of something I did, and not because of the polish. We will see how future manis with this brand turn out!

What do you think of Paradise Pink? Have you used Michael Marcus nail polish before?


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