My October Julep Maven Box!

Happy October! Today I will be reviewing my Julep Maven Box, and I am excited to tell you about the three new polishes I got. Let me begin by telling you about the special box that was offered in October. On the 20th of each month, Julep releases the five boxes that will be available to choose from. When September 20th rolled around, I was quite disappointed. The October Julep boxes were to feature crackle nail polishes, along with a line of gorgeous cream finishes in fall shades. While I do enjoy crackle nail polish, I couldn’t believe that was the product Julep was featuring. Crackle is no longer on trend, and Julep usually keeps up with the times. I, along with many other Mavens, took to the Julep Facebook page to let the company know how much I love their products, but how disappointed I was with the October offerings. Guess what? Julep listened! They created a special box called Maven’s Choice, which included three cream polishes and excluded the crackles. I could not have been more pleased. Julep really listens to its customers! Let me show you what I got in my Maven’s Choice box.


At first I was surprised to see how small the Julep box was this month, but don’t judge a book by its cover! Not only did I get three beautiful polishes this month, but Julep threw in some extras! The polishes (from top to bottom) are Lisa, Eloise, and Keira. The little pots you see are glitter pots in the colors orange and black to keep it Halloween themed! Finally, Mavens got some candy corn as an added Halloween treat. For some reason my box was missing the paperwork that usually comes with each Julep Maven box to highlight that month’s colors and trends. I guess that was the trick to my treat! I couldn’t wait to try out these gorgeous polishes!



First up is Keira, a beautiful deep burgundy polish. I am not usually a big fan of dark colors, but Keira is really nice. I used two coats of this polish, and as usual the Julep formula was amazing. I did experience some trouble with linen marks on my nails hours after applying the polish, but I am going to attribute this to high humidity. To be safe, give yourself a little extra drying time if you use Keira. This polish is quite pigmented, and leaned towards brown on the nail. This color is perfect for fall, and is work appropriate. Also, did you notice how short my nails are?! I needed to try something new!



Next up is Eloise, what Julep calls a “smokey indigo blue.” Let me begin by saying that I took these photos on day three of my manicure. As you can see, there is very little wear! I used two coats of Eloise without topcoat. I absolutely love this polish! I was most excited for this one to come, and it does not disappoint. The blue shade is really unique from anything else I own, and I love that it is deep, but not dark. Eloise is one of my favorite blue polishes, and I plan on wearing it quite often!



The last polish in my October box is Lisa, a grey that leans towards brown. I was least excited to try out Lisa, and to be honest I am not a huge fan of the color on me. The polish, however, is really nice. You can get away with one coat of Lisa for full coverage, though I still applied two in the photos above. The formula was amazing, and dried almost instantaneously! This is a great neutral shade if you are looking to stay away from beiges and tans. It is definitely work appropriate, and good for those of you who don’t like bold colors.

All in all, I loved my Maven’s Choice box! Julep always manages to impress me every month, and their customer service is right on. If you are looking to try out Julep polishes, I definitely suggest the Maven program. Not only do you get great discounts on their polishes every month, but you get your first box for one penny! Just click HERE and enter code COLOR2012 at checkout! Here is some more info about the Maven program if you’ve never heard of it before:

  • Julep is a monthly subscription program for $19.99 each month
  • You begin with a style quiz so Julep knows what polishes you may like, but you have the option to choose any box you want each month
  • Don’t have the cash? Don’t like your box? You have the option to skip your box each month and you will not be charged!
  • Mavens get access to special discounts on Julep products, and added freebies throughout the year
  • You have the chance to win the Golden Box each month — the complete Julep collection for that month!
  • You can cancel at any time if you decide you don’t like Julep
  • Your first box is a penny… who can pass that up?!

I hope if you join Julep you love it just as much as I do!


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