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Happy Tuesday! Now that I’ve officially accepted the fact that I am heading back to school next week (ah!) it’s time to start putting together my book bag. While I don’t tote a ton of cosmetics to school, it’s important to carry the essentials just in case the unexpected happens. Let me share with you the goods I’ll have in my makeup bag this school year!

IMG_2678Here is the makeup bag I will be using! I got mine from Ipsy, and I just love the leopard and neon print. The reason I am choosing this bag in particular is because of its flat shape — it will easily fit into my book bag without taking up much space! I know this can’t be easily purchased, so I would definitely recommend these:

  1. Forever 21 “Leopard Print” – CLICK
  2. Sephora Collection “The Night is Young” – CLICK
  3. Sonia Kashuk “Yarn Print” – CLICK

IMG_2676Now onto the essentials inside! I think these items are needed, and yes, they all fit in the bag!

Hand Lotion: You never know when your hands will be dry! Keep a travel size lotion on you at all times, especially in the winter. Plus, having lotion is a great way to meet people — I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve been asked if I had lotion! Pick a brand and scent you’ll like, and one that won’t bother those around you. [Julep Age Defying Hand Brightener]

Powder Compact: Women historically go to powder their noses for a reason! Pressed powder is the perfect touch up, and keeps your skin looking great all day long. I like to have a compact with a mirror in it as well. This one from Covergirl also has a sponge inside so I don’t have to carry a brush! [Covergirl Fresh Complexion Pocket Powder]

Hair Ties: If it gets too hot or starts to rain, you’ll want to pull your hair up! While I love ribbon hair ties, it’s good to have a plain black one, too. It goes with every outfit! I find that Goody from the drugstore is the perfect go-to brand (and it’s affordable!). [Goody Ouchless Elastics]

Colgate Wisp Brushes: If you decide to have a garlic-filled lunch at the last minute, you’ll want to be able to freshen your breath before class resumes. No one wants to be embarrassed about her breath, that’s for sure! You can grab these Wisps at the drugstore and keep them for when you’re in a pinch. [Colgate Wisp Brushes]

Perfume / Body Spray: Everyone gets stinky once in a while, so I like to carry a perfume or body spray in my makeup bag. I get so many perfume samples from Sephora, so instead of purchasing a travel size product, I just stick a sample in my bag! If you prefer lighter scents, opt for a body spray instead. [Juicy Couture Couture La La]

Oil Absorbing Sheets: Heading back to school in August means the heat and humidity are sticking around for a while. To make sure I don’t look like a grease ball, oil absorbing sheets are necessary! These are great because they don’t mess up your makeup, but they leave your skin looking great. Any brand will do, but I suggest Clean & Clear and the CVS brand. [Clean & Clear Instant Oil Absorbing Sheets]

Mini Nail Files: We’ve all been there — that awful moment when (gasp!) you break a nail! I just love these mini nail files. They are cute and disposable, and save you in an emergency situation. These are also perfect to share with a girlfriend when she’s in nail trouble. [Tweezerman Matchbox Files]

Lip Balm: Every girl needs a good lip balm with her at all times! I like to have both a clear balm and a tinted lip color just to be sure I’m set for every occasion. Keep those lips soft and moisturized with your lip balms of choice. [C.O Bigelow Lemon Lip Cream & Baby Lips Cherry Me]

Antibacterial Lotion: My last must have is probably the most important, and that is antibacterial lotion. You never know when you’re going to touch something gross and won’t be able to wash your hands. I personally love the unscented lotions like Purell, but Bath & Bodyworks has tons of scents if that’s your thing! [Purell Instant Hand Sanitizer]

These are all of my makeup bag essentials for school! As you can see, I like to stick to the basics and ensure I’m ready for the unexpected. I hope you found this post helpful as you put together your backpack for the new school year. Be sure to let me know what items will be in your makeup bag in the comments!


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