3D Bow Rhinestones from Born Pretty Store

Happy Thursday! I usually keep my manicures pretty simple, but every once in a while I like to dress up my nails. I was so excited when I received some bow rhinestones in the mail from Born Pretty Store. I think bows are so cute and girly, and couldn’t wait to add some flair to my manicure. Let me show you my fancy nails!

IMG_3002 IMG_3004How awesome are these bows?! I knew I wanted a really feminine look, so I chose one of my favorite pinks of all time for the base color – L’Oreal’s Check Me Out. Then I let my nail polish dry a little bit before applying the rhinestones because I wanted the polish to be tacky, but at the same time I didn’t want to smudge my manicure. Once I was sure the polish was partly dry, I carefully placed the bows on my nails and pressed them down. And it was as simple as that! The rhinestones stayed secure and I love the result!


One of the reasons I love these bows so much is because they come in an arched design that fits the nails perfectly. This is something new for me, as other nail rhinestones I’ve tried have always been flat on the bottom, and thus didn’t fit my nails properly. It is so great that these bows are designed this way, I can’t stress that enough!

All in all, I am loving these bow rhinestones from Born Pretty Store! If you are looking to glam up your manicure, I highly suggest these. Plus, you can grab a pack of 10 bows for just $5.99 HERE. These rhinestones can easily be reused, so this is definitely a great value. For those who may not be as adventurous in nail art, these bow are a great option. As always, you can get an extra 10% off with coupon code FZL91 and there is free international shipping with every order. Happy Shopping!

photo FZL91.jpeg


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