New Milani Gold Label Specialty Nail Lacquer for 2014 | Part 2 of 2

Happy Sunday! Today I have part two of the new Milani Gold Labels to share with all of you. If you missed the bright creme shades, make sure you check them out HERE! Each of the creme shades has a corresponding glitter top coat that goes along with it. Of course, they can be mixed and matched, but I decided to review them as a pair. Each manicure in this post is sealed with butter LONDON’s Hardwear Topcoat, and features one coat of glitter. Let me show you these gorgeous glitters!

Milani – Sugar Coated Milani – Sugar CoatedFirst up is Sugar Coated layered over Showy Sea-Green. Sugar Coated has lime green bar glitters and lime hexagons in both small and medium sizes. There is also a sprinkling of holographic glitter mixed throughout for an added sparkle. I’m really impressed with the amount of glitters that apply to the nail in one coat. The mono-color effect is really unique as well!

Milani – Sugar Rush Milani – Sugar RushNext up is Sugar Rush over Popping Pink. Sugar Rush contains medium hexagonal glitters in lime green, peach, white, and mirrored silver. The glitters apply to the nail with ease, and this is one of my favorite polish combinations in the collection. I just love how fun this manicure is!

Milani – Sugar Burst Milani – Sugar Burst The pink version of Sugar Coated is Sugar Burst! I have one coat layered over Splendid Strawberry, and this is a great combination. No fishing for glitters needed, and I love the light pink glitters and holographic sparkle over a brighter pink shade. This manicure is perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Milani – Sugar High Milani – Sugar HighNext up is Sugar High layered over Colorful Coral. Sugar High contains small hexagonal glitters in dark blue, light blue, peach, yellow, and bright pink. This mix of colors looks great over an orange shade, and can definitely be used over a lot of different polishes for a new look every time. I also love the amount of glitters I can get with just one coat of Sugar High!

Milani – Sugar Cane Milani – Sugar CaneThe most unique polish in this collection is Sugar Cane. I have Sugar Cane layered over Vivid Violet. This glitter top coat contains blue and pink bar glitters, and small, medium, and large white hexagons. I did have to fish for the large hexagons, but the other glitters applied with ease. In fact, I got tons of bar glitters! Sugar Cane is really funky, and I definitely have nothing else like it!

Milani – Sugar Rim Milani – Sugar RimLast but not least is Sugar Rim, which I layered over Power Periwinkle. Sugar Rim contains red, yellow, and black grains, small light blue hexagons, and silver shards. I do wish that the silver shards were easier to get onto the nail, but otherwise this is an awesome glitter polish. I can see myself wearing this manicure more in the future for sure!

All in all, the glitters from the new Milani Gold Labels are just as awesome as the brights. I honestly cannot speak highly enough of this collection, especially of the $4.69 price tag. These polishes are definitely fabulous and affordable, and can be combined in a variety of ways. All the Milani Gold Label Specialty Nail Lacquers will be available at CVS starting in February. Let me know which of these polishes is your favorite in the comments!

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