Simple Fall Manicure featuring Born Pretty Store Studs!

Happy Monday! Today I have a simple nail art look to share with all of you! I recently got some new products from Born Pretty Store to review, one of which was a wheel containing both square and rounded studs in a variety of colors. I wanted to test them out right away, so I layered them over my manicure. Let me show you the result!

Here is the complete set of studs. I’m using a stock photo courtesy of Born Pretty Store in this post, because my wheel arrived all out of sorts due to the mail. I wanted you to be able to see the different colors and shapes easily! This wheel retails for just $5.15, which is an awesome bargain considering the number of times you can use the studs! HERE is the direct link to the product.

Simple Fall Manicure featuring Born Pretty Store Studs | Adventures in Polishland Simple Fall Manicure featuring Born Pretty Store Studs | Adventures in PolishlandHere is my complete manicure! I was already wearing Zoya Ryan (see full review HERE) and didn’t want to change polish colors, so I simply added a fresh coat and dunked my rink finger into the rounded studs for a caviar look. I love that the studs have a flat bottom so they stick onto the nail easily! Then, I placed a square stud at the base of each nail. I decided to go for all green, as it looks great with the dark blue polish. I finished up with a top coat and I was good to go!

All in all, this nail art look is so simple to create, yet looks fun! I think the colors are perfect for fall as well. The studs in this kit can be used for a variety of different designs, so I’ll be sure to get creative with them again in the future. If you pick up a set, be sure to use code FZL91 for an additional 10% off your entire order!

Born Pretty Store | Adventures in Polishland

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  1. thejediwife says:

    How do you dunk them so the studs don’t attach upside down? That’s what happens when I try it. Maybe that’s just my luck, lol! I like all the colours and shapes in the one wheel, rather than needing to collect multiple wheels.

    • Adventures in Polishland says:

      I tried to make sure they were facing the proper way before dunking! If any were in the wrong direction, I fixed them by hand!

  2. Danielle says:

    I was JUST trying to figure out where to buy studs with because my sister requested them for her nails. These are GORGEOUS and you have fantastic timing!

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