Foil Nail Stickers from Born Pretty Store

Happy Saturday! Today I have a quick review of some nail wraps from Born Pretty Store. I’ve really loved the nail stickers I’ve tried in the past, so when I saw that Born Pretty Store offered a foil set that looked like mirrored nails, I just had to try them! I’ve wanted to achieve mirrored nails for a long time, but oftentimes the polish reviews I read show quite a streaky result. Thus, I thought nail wraps would be the perfect way to get mirrored nails. Let me show you the result!

Foil Nail Wraps from Born Pretty StoreHere is what the set of nail wraps looks like in the packaging. They are designed to wear for 11 days and have a great shine. The set retails for just $4.55 on Born Pretty Store’s website HERE.

Foil Nail Wraps | Adventures in Polishland Foil Nail Wraps | Adventures in PolishlandI applied the foil wraps just as I normally would, by peeling off the sticky backing, smoothing out the wrap on my nail, and filing off the excess. Unfortunately, the result wasn’t what I was hoping to see. My first issue was with the size of the wraps. The smallest size was way too big for my pinky finger! This made the edges look awkward, and it was clear that I had stickers on my nails. I also experienced some issues getting the wraps to lie flat, and some of the edges got crinkly. I almost feel like I’m wearing tin foil on my fingers!

Foil Nail Wraps | Adventures in PolishlandUnfortunately, these foil wraps are a miss for me, but I still love the other nail wraps that I’ve tried from Born Pretty Store. See reviews of those HERE and HERE.

Born Pretty Store | Adventures in PolishlandAll in all, I didn’t get the mirrored manicure that I was hoping for, but I’m still glad I was able to test out the foil wraps and report back to you on my experience! I still hope to try out other nail wraps from Born Pretty Store in the future, since I’ve had good luck on the others I’ve tried. As always, you can shop for nail art supplies at Born Pretty Store and get 10% off with my discount code FZL91. Please let me know in the comments if you’ve achieved a mirrored manicure before, and what product you used to get the look!

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