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Happy Thursday! Today I have a nail art look to show you based on a photo I saw on Pinterest. I saw THIS adorable manicure and just had to recreate it to the best of my abilities. If you’ve been reading Adventures in Polishland for a while, you’ll know that I struggle big time with nail art. I simplified this snowman a little for my skill level. Let me show you the result!

Zoya – NeveI began with a base of Zoya Neve (full review HERE). Neve is a stunning deep blue/purple polish with blue and purple shimmer mixed throughout the base. I wanted a darker background color for my snowman, because I love looking at snow at night. There is just something beautiful about it! Plus, I thought Neve’s shimmer would be great as a base as well.

Snowman Nail Art | Adventures in PolishlandOnce Neve was completely dry, I got going with my nail art! My first step was grabbing the dotting tools I got from Amazon (buy them HERE). I made some big dots and some smaller dots with white nail polish for the snowflakes. Then I used the regular nail polish brush, and painted the tips of my nails white for the snow banks. This was beyond easy to do, and it looks awesome! My little snowman was a bit more difficult. I did some freehand circles for his body and let that dry. Then, I used a black striper polish for his top hat and some dotting tools helped me create his eyes and buttons. I ran out of room for Mr. Snowman’s carrot nose, but I grabbed an orange polish and put it on there anyway. Finally, I used a red polish to make the snowman a scarf. Once everything was completely dry, I finished up with a top coat. in all, even though my little snowman isn’t perfect, I’m still really happy with my final manicure. The snowflake nails came out really well! I think with more practice I will get the hang of the snowman. He sure is cute, though! Please let me know in the comments if you like this wintery manicure and if you’ll be trying it out this year. If there are any nail art looks you want me to test out for you, let me know that as well. I hope you’re having a great holiday season!

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