Manicure Monday | SquareHue High School Crush

Happy Manicure Monday! It’s time for me to show you the next polish in the Alphabet Challenge. We are on H this week, and I decided to pick up High School Crush from the brand SquareHue. I purchased this polish in a Facebook nail polish group right after its release in February 2013. I absolutely loved the color when I saw it online, but heard bad things about the formula after purchasing it and was scared to try it for myself. I decided it was time to put it to the test!

SquareHue – High School Crush SquareHue – High School CrushHigh School Crush is a beautiful pale pink creme polish. The formula was unfortunately horrible for me – I needed three coats to achieve opacity, and I experienced a lot of streaking and patchiness. When I added a top coat, the polish did look much better, but I still don’t want to work with it again. This will definitely be a destash for sure.

SquareHue – High School CrushBefore I wrap up this post, I do want to mention that I first tried SquareHue back in December of 2012 when the brand launched. You can read all about that experience HERE. I did enjoy those polishes, so even though High School Crush is a flop for me, I don’t want to claim the entire brand is bad quality. In fact, it’s definitely a fabulous and affordable polish line – you get three polishes a month in this subscription service for just $14.99! You can learn everything you need to know about SquareHue on the company’s website HERE. Please let me know in the comments if you are a SquareHue subscriber and what you think of it!


  1. Danielle Weitzman says:

    Sorry to hear the formula was lackluster, but that shade of peach looks fabulous on you!

  2. The Jedi Wife says:

    I’ve not tried this brand before, but I’m not surprised to hear this particular shade was a flop. These colours usually are patchy and streaky for me so I expect it from them.

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