OMGNailStrips Nail Polish Strips Review | In the Navy & Jelly Beans

Happy Wednesday! Today I have a review of two sets of nail polish strips from the brand OMGNailStrips. I recently heard about this brand of more affordable nail strips, and was excited when I got the opportunity to review them for all of you. I think nail strips are a great option for travel, or for those of us (like me!) who aren’t nail art masters but still want a fun nail design. Let me go ahead and show you the two designs I got to test out.

OMGNailStrips – In the Navy OMGNailStrips – In the NavyFirst up is In the Navy, a set containing a mix of blue, white, and black themed strips with a nautical theme. I followed the application instructions to apply the strips (you can read them HERE). Unfortunately, I did not have a good experience. First, these strips have a very strong skunk-like smell as soon as I opened the package, and it lingered even after I took a shower. I do not want to go around with smelly nails! I also had found that these strips did not fit my nails well, with the smallest strip being too big for my pinky. In addition, I also experienced substantial tip wear and chipping after one day of wear.

OMGNailStrips – Jelly Beans OMGNailStrips – Jelly BeansNext, I tried Jelly Beans. I hoped to wear these strips for Easter, since I loved the fun design. Alas, I had even more issues with this set. Thankfully, there was no smell to these strips, but there was a stickiness problem. The strips broke upon application, and they did not want to stick to my nails. I thought that they would stay put after I applied top coat, but a few hours after application I washed a few dishes and the strips literally slid right off my nails when I dried my hands. You read that correctly – the strips slid off hours after application. I couldn’t believe it!

I also want to mention that with both sets of nail strips I experienced an odd issue after applying a top coat as suggested by OMGNailStrips. When I would apply top coat, the edges of the nail strips would stick up right off my nail! You can see it pretty clearly in the photos, especially with the In the Navy set.

It’s always difficult for me to write a less than positive review, but of course I want to share my honest feelings and experiences with all of you. I did reach out to OMGNailStrips last week with my issues before posting this review, but have not heard back. I’m very disappointed in both the quality of the nail strips and the lack of customer service I received after contacting them with questions about the problems I had. If I do hear back, I will be sure to update you both in this blog post and on social media. OMGNailStrips retail for $7.99 each, but have specials for 5 packs for $25 or 10 packs for $45. They can be purchased with free shipping on the brand’s website HERE. Unfortunately I cannot recommend this brand from my experience.

Have you tried OMGNailStrips?! Please share your thoughts in the comments!

The products in this post were provided for my unbiased review. All opinions are my own. See my Disclosure Policy for more information. 


  1. Jessica W. says:

    I keep staying away from nail strips because I never have a good experience. I’m sorry to hear that these aren’t any better, but thank you for an honest review. 🙂

  2. Naturally Stellar says:

    So far the best ones I’ve used have been from Sally Hansen. Even then, I reinforce my edges after applying clear topcoat. That’s too bad about these, the price point sounded good. Hey, have you tried jamberry? A lot of my friends keep telling me about them, but I’m skeptical.

    • Adventures in Polishland says:

      Yes, I’ve had good luck with Sally Hansen, too. I’ve tried only one set, but they were good. I haven’t tried Jamberry, but as far as I know they are quite different – I think you need to set them with heat!

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