Welcome to Back to School Week at Adventures in Polishland!

Happy Sunday! Now that the end of August is drawing near, that means it’s time to celebrate the Back to School season. This is the first year of my life since the age of three that I am not heading back to school, and it feels really weird! I began nursery school part time at age three, and continued all the way through law school without taking any gap years. If you’re counting, that a full 23 years of my life that I’ve spent learning. Despite not being a student anymore, I’m an expert at being one, so I thought it would be fun to share some of my tips and tricks for heading back into the classroom with all of you.Welcome to Back to School Week at Adventures in Polishland!

In 2013, I held my first Back to School Week. You can see those posts HERE, as they still apply today. This year, however, I have a lot of fun posts in store for all of you. Of course, I’ll be sharing some affordable nail polish and beauty products that I recommend for school, as well as a special Plan With Me video for college students. In addition, you can expect some new posts that will discuss topics that have never before appeared on Adventures in Polishland. I want to make Back to School Week fun and helpful at the same time, no matter if you’re heading back to high school, college, or a post-graduate program.

Make sure you’re following Adventures in Polishland so you are notified when all of my Back to School Week content goes live. The easiest way to follow my blog is on Bloglovin HERE. It’s free, and a great website that allows you to follow all of your favorite blogs in one place. I will also be posting a special planner video on my YouTube channel that will not be announced on my blog, so be sure to Subscribe HERE so you don’t miss it.

I hope you’re excited for Back to School Week! If you have any questions or a certain blog post you would like to see, feel free to leave a comment. I’ll happily consider any ideas you have, and incorporate them into future Adventures in Polishland posts. I’ll see you tomorrow for the first official Back to School Week post, where I’ll show off some fabulous and affordable nail polish you can rock this school year!

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