Julep Mystery Box Swatches | High End Nail Polish for $2

Happy Monday! It’s been a very long time since I received a Julep Maven box, or even purchased anything from Julep. I’ve been on a pretty tight budget lately, and nail polish is one of those things I can easily stop buying. That being said, Julep had an amazing sale a couple weeks back called Savvy Deals. This sale included a Mystery Box with 10 polishes for $20. I was on the fence about purchasing a box, but then my mom mentioned she was interested in the box, too. We decided to each put in $10 and split the polishes! I just couldn’t resist scoring some Julep polishes for $2 each when the regular retail price is $14. Let me go ahead and show you the five polishes I picked out.

Julep Mystery Box Swatches | High End Nail Polish for $2

Julep – Kelsey Julep – KelseyFirst up is Kelsey, a light peach creme polish. Kelsey’s formula is a bit difficult to work with, as were all of the creme polishes I received. It is thick, tacky, and took a long time to dry. That being said, the end result is gorgeous! I absolutely love how Kelsey looks with my skin tone. It is worth dealing with a troublesome formula for this stunning result.

Julep – Jules Julep – JulesNext up is Jules, a pastel pink creme. Jules also has a finicky formula, but it does dry nicely in two coats. I recommend using thin coats, and letting the coats dry completely before adding another layer. I do have other polishes in my collection that I would reach for over Jules considering the formula, but it’s still a gorgeous pink!

Julep – Princess GraceJulep – Princess GraceThe last creme I received is Princess Grace, what Julep calls a Papaya color. Princess Grace is the biggest disappointment for me, because I love the shade, but the formula is too much trouble. Unlike Kelsey and Jules, which I could work with, Princess Grace’s formula is too tacky and thick. I had to redo my nails to get a clean look, and they still aren’t perfect. I’d stay away from this polish!

Julep – Paula Julep – PaulaNext up is Paula, my favorite of the bunch! Paula is a purply-blue polish with gold shimmer. It has a great formula that is opaque in two coats, and is just beautiful. I can’t wait to wear this again!

Julep – Glam Roc Julep – Glam RocLast but not least is Glam Roc, a dark purple polish with multi-colored matte glitter. Glam Roc has a Stardust Finish, which means it is a textured polish. While textured polish isn’t trendy anymore, I still really like it and was glad to receive Glam Roc in the mystery box. Glam Roc has a great formula that is opaque in two coats, plus it dries really quickly. I’m going to wear this in the fall months for sure!

All in all, I’m pretty happy with my Julep Mystery Box! I only spent $10, but I got two polishes I really love, two that are okay, and only one dud. I still consider that a win seeing as Julep retails for $14 per polish. Plus, I used Ebates and got 5% cash back! The moral of the story is, you can still own high end polishes without paying the high end price. Simply keep an eye out for deals!

How often do you shop for high end nail polish? What are your savings tips?


  1. cookie3 says:

    Have you ever tried thinning down a too thick polish with some Nail Polish Thinner? Just add a drop or two shake & you are good to go. I bought a 4oz. bottle at Sally Beauty & it should last for years & years. It works like a charm on too thick formulas and old dried out ones as well. You’ll never have to get rid of old bottles again. It sells for around $4.00 and is worth every penny.

    • Adventures in Polishland says:

      Yes, I’ve tried a nail polish thinner before, but it’s not for me. I’d much prefer to just get rid of polishes with icky formulas and only keep those that I absolutely love!

  2. Kim C. says:

    I cancelled my Julep subscription because I found the polishes tacky as well. I did purchase some of their mani tools with points which I love. FYI…. Ulta is having their 21 days of beauty and on Sept. 22 Butter nail polish is buy one get one free.

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