Top 10 Nail Polishes of 2015!

Happy Monday! I can’t believe we have just a few days left of 2015! I decided that to close out the year, I will go ahead and share with you a few Top 10 lists. Today we are starting out with my Top 10 Nail Polishes of 2015! The polishes I picked were not necessarily released in 2015, but they are polishes that I first tried in 2015. I have shared full reviews of each polish on the blog with you, and will link you directly to that post so you can read my thoughts on each polish there. I will also share a link to where you can purchase each polish if it is still available. Let’s jump right into my Top 10!

Top 10 Nail Polishes of 2015! | Adventures in Polishland

10. Madam Glam Ibiza [REVIEW] [BUY]

Madam Glam – Ibiza

I don’t wear shimmery nail polishes on a regular basis, which is why I really like Ibiza. The subtle sparkle is beautiful, and adds just a touch of bling to my manicure. I also love the bluish-green shade, and the formula is excellent.

9. Zoya Serenity [REVIEW] [BUY]

Zoya – Serenity

Zoya makes some of the best cream nail polishes out there, and I was really impressed by Serenity. It’s a vibrant purple that looks great with any skin tone. Serenity is more of a summer nail polish for me.

8. Zoya Estelle [REVIEW] [BUY]

Zoya – Estelle

If you didn’t know yet, you are about to find out that I love blue nail polishes. Let’s begin with Estelle, a surprising add to this list because I’m not a big metallic fan. However, when you have a rich blue polish even a metallic formula looks stunning.

7. Color Club Cloud Nine [REVIEW] [BUY]

Color Club – Cloud Nine

I finally tried out a nail polish I had in my collection for years, which is Color Club Cloud Nine. This is definitely the best holographic polish in my stash. I love the pale pink shade, and how the polish comes alive in the sunlight.

6. Zoya Brittany [REVIEW] [BUY]

Zoya – BrittanyI absolutely drooled over the Zoya Satins collection when it was released. My favorite of the bunch is definitely Brittany. It is just the perfect polish, with a flawless formula and a stunning pale pink shade. I need to wear this again very soon!

5. Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Rum Punch [REVIEW] 

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel – Rum Punch

If you are looking for the perfect pink, look no further than Rum Punch. Seriously, Sally Hansen nailed it with this one, pun intended. The formula is perfection, the color is to die for, and I’ve worn it several times this year.

4. Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Beatnik [REVIEW] [BUY]

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel – BeatnikOkay, it’s time for another blue polish. Beatnik is just gorgeous, and I don’t know what else to say about it. The rich pigmentation is just so beautiful!

3. Zoya Sia [REVIEW] [BUY]

Zoya – SiaYou can laugh at me, because I know Sia is super similar to Beatnik. But it’s just a bit brighter in tone, and the formula is just perfect. I wore Sia a lot when I first received it, and I’m feeling the need to put it on my nails as I type up this blog post!

2. KBShimmer Breaking Blues [REVIEW] [BUY]

KBShimmer – Breaking BluesThis is the last blue-toned polish, I promise! The good news is Breaking Blues is more of a periwinkle shade, and I just love it. That’s why it’s number two on my list! The color is quite unique, and it works in any season.

1. KBShimmer Chilly Pepper [REVIEW] [BUY]

KBShimmer – Chilly PepperMy number one polish of 2015 is Chilly Pepper from KBShimmer. I cannot believe I’m saying this, as I’ve tended to bash red nail polishes in the past because of my pink-toned skin. Somehow KBShimmer has created the perfect red polish that looks good on me. Not only was it a go-to for the holiday season, but it’s the red I will grab from now on. You must get it!

That wraps up my first Top 10 post for 2015! Please share with me your favorite nail polishes of 2015 in the comments. Make sure to stay tuned this week for even more of my favorites this year!

Some of the products in this post were provided for my unbiased review. This post includes affiliate links. All opinions are my own. See my Disclosure Policy for more information. 


  1. linda a. says:

    Those blues are absolutely gorgeous and I love Chilly Pepper. It’s a beautiful shade of red and it looks nice on your hands. I’m in love with those blues though, especially the Sally Hansen one and both of the Zoyas! As for Sally Hansen Rum Punch, I know that one was part of the summer 2015 Poolside Collection and may be hard to find now but if anyone is interested Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear has a pretty close dupe called Allbright and that one is widely available. I know this because I picked up Rum Punch in June only to find out when I got home that I already owned that shade and it was the Sally Hansen Albright. I’m a sucker for that shade of pink I guess. 🙂

  2. Natalie Brown says:

    These types of posts are some of my favorites. I really like all of your picks but am certainly partial to all the beautiful blues. Just lovely!

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