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Happy Monday! Today I am excited to review a set of nail wraps from Born Pretty Store for all of you. Nail wraps are a hot and cold product in the nail polish world. I’ve found that they are either awesome or terrible, and the price of the wrap is no indicator to the wrap’s quality. I’ve had good luck with the wraps from Born Pretty Store for the most part, and I am always up for trying out a different brand and design. This time around I have a colorblock pattern from the brand Melodi. Let me show you these gorgeous nail wraps!

Born Pretty Store Melodi Nail Wraps Review | Instant Nail ArtHere is a quick look at the Melodi Nail Wraps in the packaging. As with most nail wraps, they are formulated to last up to seven days, and not smudge upon application. This set of wraps is made with real nail polish, which I can tell by the slight polish scent upon opening the package. I received the style MDS1206 to review. It retails for just $1.52 HERE.

Born Pretty Store Melodi Nail Wraps Review | Instant Nail Art

If you’ve never used nail wraps before, they essentially work like stickers that you put on your nails. I start with a clean nail, find the wrap that fits my nail, and then stick it on the nail. Then I smooth out the wrap, gently bend over the excess, and use an emory board to file off the end. I follow up with a glossy top coat to ensure the wraps stay in place, and to give more of a realistic look. Voila! Instant nail art!

Born Pretty Store Melodi Nail Wraps Review | Instant Nail ArtI am really impressed with the Melodi Nail Wraps! They applied easily, and they look just like regular nail art. Plus, they are long-wearing! I’ve found that if a nail wrap is going to be bad, it typically comes off within 24 hours. I’m on Day 3 of wearing these wraps and so far I only have light tip wear! I’ve showered and washed my hands several times over the past few days, and the wraps still look awesome. I am beyond thrilled!

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All in all, I highly recommend the Melodi Nail Wraps from Born Pretty Store. Not only are they super affordable, but they are excellent quality as well. Of course, I love the cute design, too. As always you can use the code FZL91 to get an additional 10% off your Born Pretty Store order. I think you should definitely pick up these nail wraps! They are perfect for those of us who love nail art, but don’t have the skill or patience to pull it off perfectly every time. Be sure to let me know in the comments if you like nail wraps, and if you’ll be getting these from Melodi!

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